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    uh i dont know
  1. kxf165

    07 Kx250f..... Holy Crap!!!

    yea i have an 08 and it is freaking smokin
  2. kxf165

    tech 10 or tech 8's?

    i have had both and am currently running the 10's. if you want a nice boot you will definatly get the 10's
  3. Man thanks so far for the feedbacks. I still think im sticking with the powerstroke...theres a king ranch in town for about 20k and its a beautiful truck
  4. what do you mean to many variables to go wrong? what (if anything) goes wrong on the 6.0?
  5. I will be driving soon and want to know of anyone that drives a ford f-250 powerstroke diesel truck?? I dont want anyone to bash on ford i just want to know if you like it, what you like about it and what you dont.. maybe some pictures. im wanting a 05 or 06 f-250 king ranch with low miles. i think that those are really awesome.. i also would like to know fuel economy and any other modifications you have on them. WTH just tell me if you have any diesel trucks!!
  6. kxf165

    Pics from racing this weekend!

    yea its a bad a$$ track! but im going to redbud sunday for there last open ride for the year so that should be fun ill post pics for ya guys!
  7. kxf165

    2005 YZ450F pics

    hows that pipe sound?
  8. kxf165

    Pics from racing this weekend!

    Yea that was probably about 1/3 over the whole jump it was 4th gear pinned all of the way.. only 2 of the 30 85's could make it.
  9. kxf165

    best pipe for kx250f?

  10. kxf165

    Me and my 08

    nice man go look at my thread i just posted in pictures and videos titled " pitures from racing this weekend"
  11. kxf165

    KLX110 flat tires

    get a rim lock and run 15 psi.. sounds like alot but you cant even tell and youll never get a flat
  12. jsut another ? would it hurt to change ur oil filter every other oil change when u change it every 2 hours? well im asking because the manual says 6 hours on an oil chnage but im not that stupid.
  13. 30 bucks sounds cheap but i dont think that kawi's would be $30 because grips retail for about 50 bucks for the set.. haha.. how do u like your new kawi bryan?
  14. coming down over the 110' tabletop pulled a 2nd on the holeshot with 12 125B riders and 3 125A riders in my race running 2nd (this picture was taken from my dads jump. my dad flags for the tracks) loving the showa suspension helping load my buddy matt's broken yz250 into the skidsteer. his axel nut fell off and he bent his swingarm and bent his shifter..basicially messing all of that stuff up 125b class in a GP basicially a harescramble.. I holeshotted and finished 3rd me and my budd phil schlagel jumping the 80 ft. infeild tripple. ( you can see the 110' table in the background) coming down over that 110' table top wheelie throught the checkerd flag..(no i didnt loop it out) this is the checkerd to the GP race i did mudstache...! thanks for watching and youre more than welcome to post pictures from your last weekend of racing!
  15. Yea I cant seem to find that thread. We have a rhino lining place here in town. I guess ill just give them a call to see what they say about it. Thanks