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  1. marcog

    A good SM tire???

    the 160 will fit??? or is that a typo?? i have to order here pretty soon. can anyone confirm this please....
  2. Its a seat belt for your ........ nevermind, i tryed it.....doesn't fit
  3. marcog

    16 tooth CS sprocket for 400SM

    anyone try just the 38 tooth on an SM. lookin for that hwy speed n wonderin if the 38 is enough or should i go 4 the 16 up front instead..... or both??? whats the best bang for my buck
  4. marcog

    A good SM tire???

    good sales man and a 6500 otd price back in sept...(& a Payment PLAN! )
  5. marcog

    A good SM tire???

    thanks for the info, but wear bars don't mean anything when you don't got the cash for new rubber it just means accelerate slower! im ordering the pilot power tomarrow unless someone strongly urges agienst.
  6. marcog

    A good SM tire???

    im running into wires on my 06 400sm after 3600 miles on the stock rear. time for a new one i take it. i read a few older posts about the michellen Pilot power 150/60-17. lookin for great handling on street. any suggestions on that tire or size since the stock is 140/70 and barly fits? thanks
  7. marcog

    aftermarket Exhaust opinions drz400sm

    i Finally got my rs3 and bolteded it up in a few minuets.... Its bad ass. great power and sounds awsome. i took the isert out which i think makes it sound cleaner as well as louder. much louder... but deep. and like someone else said, you can hear it from approx 1 mile. Now im waitin for the cops to greet me!!
  8. marcog

    aftermarket Exhaust opinions drz400sm

    i just ordered the rs3 for about 480 delivered. thanks for the help. ill post how it turns out and how many alarms i really set off. I know ill set one off for sure.... my dam roomates truck alarm goes off if I shut my bedrooms door too hard...
  9. marcog

    aftermarket Exhaust opinions drz400sm

    let me rephrase the question..... a good, CHEAP exhaust. i found a new yosh for about 400 new. thats why i ask. any of the fmf or muzzy around that price?
  10. Lookin to gain the horsepower and get some heads to turn..... what exhaust sounds good...literaly. any comments on the yosh rs3 full system? thanks