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    ridin, drawin, chasin ass like it was endangered
  1. scratch

    The Most Intersting Man In Motocross

    he rides his bike backwards just to see what second place looks like.
  2. scratch

    best looking garage

    hmmm... I'll play! This is it in January, I want to take some new ones this week since I just cleaned it. To the left is the stereo, couch from the van, beer fridge, another couch from a bronco, the chemical rack, and the storage room/ bathroom. Absolutely love it, wish my skills matched!
  3. scratch

    06 yz450f stalling in air

    dunno if it helps, but i messed with my fuel screw and upped the idle as well and it kept mine from stalling
  4. scratch

    Boot Comparisons Needed

    check out some shops- i don't know if they have em in NY, but cycle gear is my favorite - www.cyclegear.com i picked up some 05 alpinestars tech 8 for 250
  5. lookin for a replacement brake pedal, gonna see if any of you fellas have one you wanna get rid of- let me know
  6. scratch

    Black Plastics...

    just go to xgxracing.com or skin industries and get one of their kits- some of them are absolutely wicked, and will fit your bike. us 02 folk have way less options.
  7. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    anybody remember the old commercial of the two guys bike jousting? i'm thinking if you get some well padded jousts and some mildly intoxicated fellows, you could get some pretty good video and definitely a crowd. and it of course would be done in costume
  8. scratch

    Pros start riding when?

    seth enslow never had a bike until age 17
  9. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    all you need now is a cousin thats a stripper and civic pulling an rv!
  10. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    a motorcycle gang would be even better- we could race everywhere! and we could get some wicked awesome vests made up!
  11. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    sweet! i need to find some other riders for some neighborhood cross! and we can assign points for all the lowriders we jump and little kids we hit! and afterwards, we can line up anyone that calls us losers and kick them in the nuts as a bonus round!
  12. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    hmmmm..... true thought. but i don't like going to the light- thats what dead people do. but i do have a reincarnated 86 IT 200- its a 2 stroke, and recently came back from the dead. wicked awesome. its definitely on the dark side
  13. scratch

    style question

    you should make your own out of aluminum foil and a coke bottle
  14. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    the pig suit is a legend around fort worth my friends. as is the all to memorable "shocker". that suit is giant and inflatable, and is known to make appearances at the oddest times and events. it has been seen on deep ellum, at dh races, local dirt jumps, my accounting class, espn (tcu game), and countless parties. yes its very office space- i love that song. and A7X will definitely see me bleeding in the pit when they come to town january. and i know it doesn't make me gangster to have a 250f, but doing loud obnoxious wheelies on the 250f down the street in the pig suit- now thats gangsta.
  15. scratch

    i went to the dark side...

    but i don't like the road. i like dirt! thats why i got the 250f!