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  1. Scovndrel

    Looking for particular pictures

    After seeing this post linked to from NQA, I posted up some photos. I posted them on NQA, and did some stuff with thumbnails linking to full sized pics with HTML. I don't see an option in the editor here to paste HTML, and the preview wasn't happy when I dumped the raw code in here, so I am gonna link you to NQA to get them. Enjoy!
  2. Scovndrel

    Shooting helmet cam of STEEP stuff

    That'd be cool. one of my riding buddies has been talking about making a custom camera mount for a while (hasn't done it yet), so maybe this will help.
  3. Scovndrel

    Shooting helmet cam of STEEP stuff

    Old man winter has been doing some weird shiz here in the Northwest. We've still been riding though. http://www.wahlnut.com/dirtriding/Movies/ATVs_in_Winter.wmv http://www.wahlnut.com/dirtriding/Movies/Motoring%20the%20Freeze.wmv
  4. Scovndrel

    Shooting helmet cam of STEEP stuff

    I liked the "wheel cam" in ThumperTDC's video (was it attached to someone's leg?) but I shudder to think of the damage to the camera from being that close to the wheel. We've done similar things (holding the camera by hand near the wheel - obviously on a quad), but not in that kind of dusty environment.
  5. Scovndrel

    Shooting helmet cam of STEEP stuff

    OK, I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping me 'ead around that one. You mean do the hill climb twice, once with helmet cam connected and once with vid from the side?
  6. If you've seen and enjoyed any of my previous movies, this one is a must-watch! If you haven't, then get your butt in gear and watch some of them! Warning! This movie, while it contains images of manly and skillful snowmobile riding, also shows some definite signs of quardtardism. If you are quadophobic, you might want to make sure you've got your spoke wrench gripped firmly in your teeth while you watch it to remind yourself of what you ride, so you don't get all freaked out and think you might actually enjoy riding ATVs. http://www.wahlnut.com/dirtriding/Movies/Motoring%20the%20Freeze.wmv 2:16, 23.9mb
  7. Scovndrel

    Shooting helmet cam of STEEP stuff

    When I used a helmet cam, I had it pointed sort of downward, so sometimes you could see the front fender. May not have properly displayed the pucker factor, but made people sick watching it so they bitched about that instead of telling me that my riding was weak.
  8. Scovndrel

    ATVs in Winter

    I'd like to think that he was just curious, not implying anything negative. After all, he didn't add "ya freakin' noob!" onto the end or anything.
  9. Scovndrel

    ATVs in Winter

    It was. Wish we'd broken out the camera when the ice was 2 1/2 inches thick. Woohoo! had to stop and put the quad in 4wd so the front tires would crack the ice for me - couldn't keep enough forward momentum/force up to break the ice with just the rear wheels driving, and that was on a BruteForce 750. This vid only had the 1/4 inch ice.
  10. Scovndrel

    ATVs in Winter

    'Course, the camera has a way of removing the scarey factor from most things. Things are always steeper or closer to rolling than they appear on the camera. We see it again and again in vids online, or when we take a vid of something, play it back and say "that was kind of fun, but it looked kind of lame on camera".
  11. Scovndrel

    ATVs in Winter

    Precisely. I ride a utility quad, but I ride it mean and hard. My friends and I are kind of extreme, or so the guys at the bike shop tell us when we explain WHY we have to replace the steering column, or why the luggage rack looks like a pretzel, or why the rims look like 12-point sockets, or where that 3-inch-long gash in the sidewall came from. Last spring, I was climbing onto a rock with my quad, lost traction, and went over the side. I rolled out of the way so my quad didn't squish me like a bug. My chest protector made sure that no smaller jagged rocks tore my spine open while I was rolling. Last summer, I went on a poker run at Capitol Forest. A stump reached out and grabbed my front wheel at about 20mph and whipped my handlebar into my gut. It hit me at the bottom part of my chest protector. Even with the protector, it knocked the wind out of me, gave me a stomach-ache, and bruised a rib. Same sort of thing at different poker run - loran up the side of a bank when a shrub caught a frotn tire. The 600-lb ATV rolled over and the steel foot runnerboard pinned my leg just above the shin. A lot of guys don't wear full height armored MX boots on ATVs - but I was. I got up and rode another 45 miles. Hurt like hell, probably would cracked a bone or something without the boots. Sometimes I go riding with guy on bikes, and get hit with the occasional rock. We wreck - and when we do, it hurts a lot less when we're wearing full gear. No broken bones or other serious injuries yet, lots of close calls. Check out some of my movies and pics at http://www.wahlnut.com/dirtriding. Pretty much the second half of the vids are ATV coverage. We usually don't get pics or video of the scarier wrecks because we're trying not to get hurt, or trying to render assistance when they happen - but from the stuff we do have pictures and video of, you can get some idea. We've recently decided that in the event of a scarey-looking scenario, if the situation becomes stable, then one of the other guys should whip out the camera and get a snap of it before sorting things out - but we haven't had many scarey moments since we decided that. We're either getting better at riding, or we're getting mellow. Dunno.
  12. Scovndrel

    goon video

    Actually, it looks like fun. The music sucked though.
  13. Scovndrel

    my november 5 mountain trail

    Those are some beautiful pictures. I ride trails myself, would love to have been on that one with you. By the way, congratulations on your english. You write better than a lot of the american teenage punks on this forum.
  14. Scovndrel

    ATVs in Winter

    If you like pictures and videos of some guys just out screwing around in the woods and having fun on ATVs, check this movie out. http://www.wahlnut.com/dirtriding/Movies/ATVs_in_Winter.wmv Don't bother watching if you like to bash ATVs. It will be a waste of your time and mine.
  15. Scovndrel

    Let's see your "striking moments" pics!

    No apology necessary. One of your pics reminds me of a pic I took of my friend one day when we were screwing around in the mud: Here's one of me: