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  1. I might also give them a try.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll check them out. I'm not sure what work schedule I'd be on, so I'm also looking it see if anything is opened during the week.
  3. Does anyone know of any tracks around Newport News, Va?
  4. Thanks you every much. Is there any easy way to make sure it's square?
  5. How far do you drive in a new counter shaft seal?
  6. I've been to Robbins Ridge a few times, but I didn't know they that pitbike races. They need to finish the track already it's been months.
  7. Can you please translate that for me.
  8. Is there any pitbike tracks eastern NC?
  9. Has anyone try the Sano LT6 forks? Do you think they are worth the money?
  10. What length swingarm looks/works good with the Sano LT6 forks? I’m leaning towards the +2, but maybe the +4 swingarm would be better.
  11. How do you jet for specific gravity. I'm going from a .746 to a .717 fuel. I'm told I would need to make it richer. Is that correct?
  12. I put the tube in the rear tire and replaced the tire with a new one. To me it doesn't feel right. I guess it's not just my imagination other people feel the difference too.
  13. I recently pop my tube and replaced it with a heavy duty tube. I feel like it changed the way the bike handles. Is there a big weight difference? If so is there enough to feel it?
  14. I believe the band is Nonpoint.
  15. Does the track have a web site?