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  1. Ca DRZ

    Missing Teen

    *******************BIG UPDATE SHE WAS FOUND SAFE IN REDDING CA TODAY. ************************************* Thanks for all the views and offers to help. No other detail at this time, Thanks once again.
  2. Ca DRZ

    California Missing Teen

    My cousin daughter has been missing for a week now. last seen in the Camarillo / Ventura County area. i have not been on the site for awhile but I know how good the people are here so if you have any details please call the local authorities.
  3. Ca DRZ

    Looking for a place to live near Santa Clara.

    Thanks for the replys. Will look more into the area between Morgan Hills and Hollister. How are the area of Fruitdale, Willow Glen and West Valley?
  4. We will be relocating to Santa Clara area for my wifes work. Been searching craigslist but can't a place big enough hold all our stuff need room for 4 trucks a toy hauler, bikes and a couple of dogs. Would like to keep her drive time to less then a hour.
  5. Double checked all bolts. Nothing down the intake. Dropped it off at the smog shop will be tearing it back down this weekend if i get time.
  6. Had a crack in my intake manifold would not pass smog replaced intake now I have this knocking soundThe truck in question is a 1990 s-10 2.5 with tbi.
  7. Thanks for all the help came home from work today and my son rebuilt the throttle body this morning. Truck is not running right but it is getting better.
  8. How hard is it to rebuild one of these things. been quoted 250-350 for a shop to do it just wanting to know if the i can save a couple of buck and do it right the first time myself.
  9. Ca DRZ

    Post Your Workout!

    30 minute walk 4 to 5 times a week (walking at a pace that you can't sing and walk) 5.5 mile hike one day a week. Watch food intake everyday.
  10. Had the same thing happen to my 05.
  11. Ca DRZ

    Vision Loss

    yes go to the doc.
  12. Ca DRZ

    Lets Build A Trailer

    mx4god rail will be metal looking for away to tie down the bikes now.
  13. Ca DRZ

    Lets Build A Trailer

    Rails are coming but need to find some funds budget was set a 350.00. Expanded sheet metal would be nice but when I started this it was more lets keep it on budget and keep it simple and get it done in a weekend.
  14. Ca DRZ

    Lets Build A Trailer

    4 gallon my kids where riding 2 strokes and could only do 50 mile and we need extra fuel for some long rides.
  15. Ca DRZ

    Lets Build A Trailer

    Well wrapped the trail up this morning. here's the basic money run down. 100 bucks and a 18 pack for the trailer. Home depot 220.00 1 piece 10' 3/8 all thread 5 piece of 10' x 5/8 unistrut 50 3/8x 3 carriage bolts 75 flat washers 6 2x12x12 planks 1 2x6x12 plank box of 100 3/8 nuts 3 sawzall blades Hardware store 15.00 1 6x 3/8 all thread 100 butt splices Hardware store 2.00 6 washers 99 cent store 1.10 1 paint roller total 358.10