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  1. Anyone have any pics or video on how to replace the floating piston seals on showa twin chambers? Searched and found written tutorial but no pics...thanks!
  2. Trox

    Motocross exercises , ryan hughes

    Ryan Hughes is a Paul Chek follower...I am a Level 2 Chek practitioner and these are all Chek principles...you would be very wise to follow these principles. But, please use caution...I have seen far too many people watch a video and think they are an expert. While I beleive it only takes a common sense to live a healthy lifestyle, it takes thousands of hours of classroom and practical experience to master Cheks corrective and performance building principles... Live well!
  3. Trox

    Inner cartridge leaking!

    How do you know if the ICS seals are bad?
  4. Trox

    Inner cartridge leaking!

    Wow, after researching this a bit, I am surprised to see that this is fairly common...since twin chambers have been around, I personally had never seen this...
  5. Trox

    Inner cartridge leaking!

    Perfect, thanks!
  6. Trox

    Inner cartridge leaking!

    47mm showas off an '06 crf250
  7. So I was replacing the fork seals on my twin chamber forks and after I removed the inner cartridge I noticed there was no "damping" of the damper rod...after removing the inner cartridge assembly, there was absolutely no fluid in the cartridge...obviously something was not right, but I could see no apparent issues with the assembly so I continued with the rebuild process. I put fluid in the cartridge and as I was bleeding the air by pumping the damper rod, I realized the inner cartridge was leaking where the damper rod slides into it! Has anyone seen this before and can it be fixed? Or, am I stuck replacing the entire inner cartridge Thanks for your help...
  8. Trox

    2008 rmz250 fork oil level?

    Anyone have this spec handy? Thanks!
  9. Anybody have this spec handy? Thanks for the help!
  10. Trox

    1st Ride after tearing an ACL

    Nice riding...where is the "Whiz"?
  11. Trox

    Josh Strang vs McGrath!

    Yeah, no doubt. With all fairness to McGrath, he is 10-15 years past his prime. Here is another vid that shows some of the post race interviews...McGrath said he couldn't have lasted much longer at that pace. Strang looked like he barely broke a sweat! Fast forward to 8 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDk9briZcVE
  12. For all you Gncc'ers...that boy can moto! http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2010/11/30/josh-strang-day-in-the-dirt-helmet-cam/
  13. Trox

    Burnt clutch

    Just dragging and slipping, no noise. The clutch only had maybe two hours on it before that race. When I took it apart the springs were absolutely sacked...lost almost 1/4 inch in length! I had never seen that happen to springs before. And the smell! The fibers are still within spec, so do you think I can just deglaze them and run them(get new springs obviously)? Thanks