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  1. Bakotard

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    This is my 07 race bike. I put over 15K into it powder coating, engine work, slipper and hinson components...everything. It's up for sale now but I still have it in the garage!!! PM me if you are interested...
  2. Bakotard

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here's my pimped out powder coated ride. Full race ready. I love this bike. I brought it home and completely disassembled it. Every piece in the engine has been gone over. I wish I could take it everwhere with me:thumbsup:
  3. Bakotard

    starrs this weekend at fontana ???

    I race the STTARS series on a regular basis. I hope some of you came out b/c it was an awesome event. The track was sweet and there were a bunch of people watching. If you guys ever have questions about STTARS, just hit me up. We are always looking for more racers to come out and enjoy the fun. STTARS is beginner friendly with a beginner class, as well as a Vet 30 and Vet 40 class for the Dads and everybody who has to go to work on Monday!
  4. Bakotard

    Leaning over bars while standing?

    I'm almost 6'4" and have seen my pictures and they all look goofy. I think, how can I look like RC or somebody like that, but then I remember I can reach that little cabinet above the refrigerator:p I bought the tallest bars I could find, (renthal 922) and then got a tall riser for my top clamp which makes me feel 100% more comfortable on the bike. I can stand up and lean forward and not have to crouch over the bike. That was what made me feel uncomfortable was bending over to grab the handlebars all the time. Plus it was killer on my back. If you don't feel right, maybe experiment with taller bars etc. You still need to keep that forward position, it's just more comfortable for us tall guys!
  5. Bakotard

    scrubbing its making me mad

    at a local track there was a small table (20ft at most) that was immediately after a left hand sweeper. I had been carrying more and more speed over it throughout the day and thought I might be able to scrub it (since I never had scrubbed before). As the day progressed, they didn't water that much and the dirt dried out which would later help me out. As I became more confident, I approached the jump with good speed through the sweep and could feel the front end slide and just instinctively went with the bike... I took off from the left side of the table and landed on the far right hand side and noticed that I was pushing so hard on the outside peg I actually took my foot off the inside peg (like the guys who know what they're doing!)... I realized what I had done and had a big grin on my face. I haven't been able to replicate the process just yet, but man, it was awesome.
  6. WHERE'S THE DIRT! That pic with all the sprinter vans in the parking lot is beautiful. I love it!
  7. what you are up against is the fact that nobody runs a 4.25 rear wheel anymore. even the 250s run 5" wheel and the pros will run a 170 on the rear. I'm also assuming since you didn't mention it that both rims are 17". again, most racers run a 16.5" front. So, your target market is going to be somebody with a street legal 450x or something like that. You might get an offer of around $500.00 as previously said, but honestly, if somebody offers you money, let them have'em. I would say be happy with $300.00 if you get offered. That's a pretty good deal for somebody who can use them for a street application. If you can't sell them, put them on your bike, sell the bike, and get a new CRF450!!!
  8. Bakotard

    R and D Power Bowl

    i put the power bowl on my supermoto bike. I had the quickshot in the past. I noticed the difference. I notice bog a lot more because of how we get on the gas on the ashpalt. It also helps to be able to tune/detune the leak jet because of different tracks. Do I use it that much...no. But in racing circumstances, I have that ability, and those without the power bowl don't. IMO, it effin rocks. I had to go two teeth smaller on the back sprocket from what I was normally running at tracks because I was spinning the wheel so much and wheely-ing everywhere.
  9. Bakotard

    How do you back it in?

    go to SMJ and search for danny eslick at the queen mary last year. that will pretty much have any "back it in" picture beat you have ever seen, or possibly ever will see. Gary Trachy has some pretty sick photos too with the back tire smokin...
  10. Bakotard

    Correct riding position

    get your suspension dialed and then... If you are coming into a turn pretty fast and have to slow way down, then your "manhood" should be as close to the gas cap as possible and your legs should be gripping the radiator shrouds i.e. placing inward pressure. this positioning will remove the brunt of the braking force from your arms to your legs. As far as going through the turns, that's the beauty of SM, some stick their leg out, some have a knee down. you need to find what's comfortable for you at that point. BUT, get your suspension figured out. It's dangerous to go out and push with a suspension that's incorrectly tuned...
  11. Bakotard

    aftermarket axles

    I am trying to find an aftermarket company that makes axles for a crf450r. I have searched the forum and see RPM...TEAM...and durablue but I can't find their websites. Another question is I am wondering if going with a titanium axle is really worth the dollars. I don't know the cost yet, but just looking for those out that that have made the switch... thanks
  12. Bakotard

    Where to ride superMoto in N. Cal?

    check out www.supermotousa.com
  13. Bakotard

    2004 CRF450R Exhaust Choices

    I am selling my 04 bike and I was going to sell my pipe separately. It's a yosh pro series titanium pipe. I even have an extra header pipe that I was going to include. It's got the low boy curve to the header for more bottom end. I just sent it off to Yoshimura last week to have it re-packed and a new skin put on the can. If you're interested let me know. I always liked the yosh myself. That WB pipe is a really good deal though. Let me know.
  14. Bakotard

    2007 triple clamp offset

    thanks for the help guys.
  15. Bakotard

    stage 1 or 2

    Actually, web cams has an adjustable cam gear part # CG-H01 just in case you wanted to go down that road...