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  1. John Wayne

    post your worst MX injury

    Looped out a new KTM 250SX 2nd time out in the whoops, throttle stuck whip open.Broken L1 resulting in 10 2" screws and 2 11" Ti rods. Numb mid section and have to stick a cath in me to drain bladder. I have the hardware that is in my back tattoed on my back to scale. And yes I still ride... dirt is hard to get out of ya! LOL
  2. John Wayne

    Fully white YZ250

    My old '95, when white plastic was what they came with! Just put on some '93 graphics I found NOS off eBay
  3. John Wayne

    Pics of my daughter's first rides

    Nice... will not be too long before you are trying to keep up with her. Great pix!
  4. John Wayne

    Give it some GasGas!!

    Those pics are sweet, there is a trials event coming the 3rd of Oct at our local spot. Good times!
  5. John Wayne

    phaulgai in Hawaii : River madness back again

    Considering water does not compress, looks like a somebodies going to be doing a lot of gear oil changing. Otherwise looks pretty cool!
  6. Has anyone seen the a video of David Bailey at the Anaheim Retro race. The one where David took a lap ont he track with his son before the race?
  7. John Wayne

    Action Wallpapers

    My local riding spot, site of the 3yr Red Bull "LMS"
  8. John Wayne

    Riding down under. Western Australia.

    Great pix, nice and wooded my kind of riding!
  9. John Wayne

    new motocross movie?

    I think I just threw up a lil in my mouth. blech
  10. John Wayne

    L1-T10 fusion? with pix

    I can bend and touch my toes yes, but the change in atomspheric pressure affects my back. My hardware acts as antenna for cold weather and sometimes aches. For me the hardest part of riding is not being able to feel my feet... having to put them down in an off camber spot is kinda scary. Just tel yourself after sugery it will get better day by day. You know the risks, sometime you have to pay to play. Might try your hand at riding offroad it is easier and your or not putting your body 15ft in the air. Good luck bro and wear a Lett brace if you ride MX again.
  11. John Wayne

    Who was your hero growing up?

    The guy who whipped my stinking but as a kid, showed me how to ride a bike,took me to races when he was sick,the guy who I am still to the day getting to know.... my dad,pop,o'l man and the guy who sold my bike cuz I beatup the neighbor kid. But aside from all that the guy who gave me a lot in riding is David Bailey and had been since '84. Sure this clip has been posted before, but some of the younger riders might get something from this!
  12. John Wayne

    What glue to repair plastic shroud tabs?

    You might look into Gorilla Glue!
  13. John Wayne

    Would this work?

    I have never heard of that product nor seen it done. However I have seen the end result on an older RM tank that was faded from the early '80. Now how well it could hold up I have no clue. I've seen peope use the "Krylon Fusion" plastic spray paint with sub-par results.
  14. John Wayne

    New guy here, what year to get, I have searched.

    Unless you are hellbent on an AL frame which might be hard to find on that budget. I'd snag an '02 or newer, plastics changed in '02 and still the same till '09. '05 had a new frontend and I think '06 and new ahd even better susp up front. Feel free to correct me anyone lol!
  15. John Wayne

    oil to soak new clutch plates in?

    Ditto,stick with what you would normally use!