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  1. motorat

    Anybody got a 2007 WR yet

    thanks guys I like the headlight and the taillight
  2. motorat

    Anybody got a 2007 WR yet

    anybody have any pics I want to see what the headlight looks like
  3. you got some serious money hope to see you around the OKC area NICE BIKES
  4. motorat

    Installing a HID light????

    from what I hear is HID only use 35w. It take like 130-150w to start. I figure if I ran a battery it would take the starting power.
  5. motorat

    Making wiring for WR450

    what kind of hid are you going to run?
  6. I have a BMW Bixenon light I would like to put on my wr426. It has to have high beem which is what Bixenon is cause it's street legal. What do I need to do? I have a Diamond light on there which I think is 35w and it's not bright enough for me.
  7. motorat

    FMF powerbomb header on WR

    I have the power bomb and the T4 FMF muffler. Loud I want to find a silencer for it. the header turns orange.