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  1. I don't get chicken humor.
  2. They run Motos in motocross and mains in SX.
  3. Gumby now that's funny. Gumblelicious
  4. I don't remember sound being such an issue, say 5 years ago.
  5. Loud four strokes are ruining this sport.
  6. The last thing you need is more power.
  7. I'm in. I'll be on my 125 though, should be a hoot.
  8. Classic thumpertalk.
  9. This place is a retailers wet dream.
  10. I go to wall-mart and get a bag of ankle highs for what you guys pay for one pair. My socks don't have little fox heads on them, it's a real bummer.
  11. Tell me more about your DID X ring chain, it's fascinating.
  12. You call the greatest rider the sport has ever seen a Puss then throw a fit because I poke fun at you sig, that's rich.
  13. Are you saying you hope Bubba gets hurt? that's pretty shitty.
  14. It's hard to argue with a guy who has a GYTR magnetic drain plug.
  15. The fact that he has a "works" KX 125 should have been your first clue.