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  1. http://expn.go.com/expn/blog/moto?post=3326014
  2. Any photos of 280x I chased for them 15 year old ran the first 300 miles. Kid is an animal. We finished 7th sportsman class
  3. On Direct TV it's on the Altitude Channel
  4. Mine did the same thing. The Head pipe had shifted a little after a get off. At first I thought it was bent but it just moved. I loosened the bolts and re seated it and it was fine.
  5. It's a great track. Not cheap to ride! It's a 2+ hour drive from the San Fernando Valley.
  6. It can get pretty flooded. It also can take them some time to get all the tracks back up and rideable I'd call and see theres a phone# on their web site
  7. There are closer tracks then Glen Helen and Perris, I 5 is a track in Gorman that is about 45 min north of Burbank, AV Motoplex is a track in Lancaster which is about an hour northeast of Burbank. Also I've heard rumors that the process is underway to build a track in Sun Valley next to the Burbank Airport which would be in your backyard!