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  1. Good deal. Thanks for the reply guys.
  2. Hey guys, I made a boneheaded move yesterday and bleed the air fout of my forks when the front suspension was fully compressed in the truck bed. It now seems like my forks sit lower in the stroke. Can you tell me if I caused any damage? Do you know if the pressure will build back up to normal? Any fixes? Thanks for the help!
  3. yeah it is definately pressure building up in the crankcase because when I unscrew the oil refil plug, pressure escapes out. and Yes im pretty sure it is the over flow tube. It does come out underneath the bike near the swingarm
  4. I have an 05' crf250. Recently, once the bike is started, oil from the engine comes out of one of the overflow tubes and runs the bike completely dry. Does anyone know what the problem may be?
  5. i was wondering if any of you have experience with the silencer of this exhust. I was also wondering if it is capable of having a spark arrestor insert? thanks
  6. whats the song in mill creek
  7. thats sick man. thats looks like a fun kicker
  8. wow ur cool
  9. Hey, Im trying to build a small bump in my seat to help me sit more forward in corners, but I first needed to get some dense foam. I was wondering if any of you know where I could buy some very dense foam to construct a small step? Thanks alot.
  10. Hey, I really wanted a stepped seat to help get me to sit more forward in the corners, but my dad said that I could not buy one. Any way, This weedend I was going to buy a wedge of foam, and place a small hump under my seat cover, near the front of the seat. I was hoping that this would be a good reminder to help me slide up in the corners. Does anyone have any other suggestions???
  11. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have tried bar inserts. Do they work, or not? I was going to buy them but I first wanted to know if they are worth the money. THanks.
  12. Hey, Can any of you guys help me to get my arms into better shape. Yesterday I was at the track, and I could not do more than three laps before my arms exploded. I need help fast? Thanks.
  13. Hey, Yesterday I was tightening my spokes, and one spoke on my rear wheel was stripped. The spoke just continues to move and it will never tighten or loosen. I was wondering what I should do? Should I just leave it because it is only one spoke, or what? Thanks.
  14. I think your bike looks bad. Sorry but the graphics suck!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey, I know that this is about crf's, but I was wondering if any of you have a one industries kombat helmet? I'm going to buy one, so tell me what you think about them? Style, Fit, Comfort... Thanks.