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  1. Has anyone tried to put a 2003-2005 YZ250F engine inside a 2006-2009 YZ250F frame? I have the 2003 YZ250F engine and a 2007 YZ250F frame just laying around and I want a project. Thanks, Chad
  2. chadr_24

    Looking To Trade 02 Yz250f For 200 Exc

    I might be interested in something like that my brother has an 02 125sx and it is sweet...I could maybe put a flywheel weight in it and be good to go??? email me at chadr_24@hotmail.com Thanks Chad
  3. I would really like to trade my 2002 YZ250F for a 200 exc b/c I think the bike will suit me better for woods and just a little MX..... Let me know Thanks Chad
  4. I have an 04 yz250f with a bad crank and a blown cylinder head, i recently bought an 05 cylinder head on ebay and an 01 bottom end. My question is can i put the 01 bottom end, 04 cylinder, and 05 cylinder head all together, and what kind of power loss or gain would there be from using the 01 bottom end and 05 cylinder head? Thanks in advance, Chad