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  1. Here is mine. No modifications, just bolted to the upper triple.
  2. Check out Pricey but good quality. Look in my garage for some pics.
  3. Acerbis Dimension. Black headlight with white number plate. The whole thing weighs about as much as just the glass of the stocker. Trade off is the bulb is only a 35 watt H4.... Fine for me because I don't do much night riding with this bike. More pics in my garage.
  4. Here's mine. I only used one of the triple clamp bolts. Wires reach just fine.
  5. A friend of mine calls it the white mini-van effect. More often than not it's the driver of a white mini-van who has their head wedged fully up their..... Be on the lookout!
  6. One from a few months ago. One from the other day. Good Times!
  7. Yeah it is loud...but when I'm coming up alongside people I see them check their blind spot because they hear me. There's something to be said for that.
  8. I took some pics after a few mods...
  9. I just got a set of Distanzias with a 150 60-r17 size rear a few days ago. After reading some posts and doing some research that seemed like the correct size for a DRZ SM. I haven't had a chance to break them in yet. I got them from here in the softer supermoto compund for $253.01 shipped. That was the best deal I could find in the SM compound.
  10. Sorry, I meant to ask Steve Cirillo that question.....
  11. fivepointnine, are you the guy who rolled your truck off montezuma grade? Totalled both your bikes too? If that's not you sorry. I have a 06 Chevy 6.6 and love it. As long as you can do the usual type of maintainance yourself diesel is the way to go.
  12. Any idea when the TE 610ie will be available in California?
  13. I just posted this about a week ago. It looks like a similar battery to the power-sonic one I am using.
  14. Last I heard the recall was for the 250F's only. Do a search to see.
  15. I haven't had any problem with that yet. The smaller battery doesn't crank long enough to build up that kind of heat. It's good for one shot only, but for me the weight savings and extra air flow was worth it.