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  1. Johmama

    Stock suspension on KLX 110 bottoms really easy?

    The bike was designed for an 8 year old riding around in 2nd gear on a driveway. They bottom out like crazy. That said, they are awesome bikes in stock trim with a set of big boy bars.
  2. Johmama

    lets see your yz's in action!!

    Thanks guy! This is not talent though, Red gloves make all the difference when it comes to the whip game,
  3. Johmama

    lets see your yz's in action!!

    Needed to check if my drain bolt was installed. This was the only method that came to mind.
  4. I have used this Dumonde chain lube the whole time I've been racing moto, I really liked how it came in a bottle and not an aerosol can like so many other lubes. Anyways the stuff recently jumped to around 20$ a bottle and it just doesnt make sense anymore. I tried filling up empty bottles with Stihl bar oil but that stuff flings off real fast. Does anyone know of a good chain lube that does not come in an aerosol can? -Thanks
  5. Johmama

    Can't find 2011 250sx

    Got one sittin in my garage! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Goodluck tho, we found ours pretty easily up in washington, we actually found two. The first one got bought out from under us, had to jump on the second one.
  6. Does anyone know what the real world record is? I can go for a mile no problem, and i am intersted n setting the world record crf 50 wheelie. I am willing to devote my entire ife to this pursuit.
  7. Johmama

    lovin' the YZ250 smoker!!

    Hey dude I got that same bike, helmet and ridng style hahaha. Rad , right on man,.
  8. Johmama

    Sand in my engine

    Thats what i meant to say. I was just pointing out that it would not reach the rest of his motor.
  9. Johmama

    Sand in my engine

    The flywheel is completely sealed from the rest of the motor, and it is not uncommon to find a little bit of mud or sand in there. I suggest you clean it out, put the cover back on and forget about it.
  10. Johmama

    what did you do to your yz today?

    Completely stripped bike down to frame and motor. I sent the suspension down to ENZO racing, greased all the swing arm, linkage, and shock bearings. I will need a new headset bearing(the third on my 09). Other than that I ordered a new rings, and I plan on getting new plastics, backgrounds, and some sweet custom graphics from Decal Works! oh I painted my beat up Pro circuit pipe with some sweet metallic flake black, after i cut the badge off. The first month of being injured is the best because you have so much time to work on the bike. Hopefully be racing in a month or two, stoked.
  11. Johmama

    Breaking Twinwalls

    Well I think renthal is gonna warranty them so I'll probably keep runnin them. I do think that the stiffness is the problem tho, kuz I've broken alot of fatbars straight out of the clamps and had the bar be straight. It seems like the fatbars will flex and bounce back.
  12. Alright, I have now broken two pairs of Renthal Twinwalls in what seem like minor crashes. The first one happened when some goon crossed lines over a pretty minor stepdown, hit me, and I landed on my side. The second crash I got hit in a 4th gear pinned situation, and went ass over teakettle, got run over etc. etc. The point is that I am starting to lose faith in this product. I have the 921 bend on 09 YZ250. My favorite bend ever, plus they get crazy style points. Has anyone else had any problems with this bar?
  13. Johmama

    fork seal fixed itself

    I have had the same thing happen. I figured it was just a little dirt lodged in there
  14. I just picked it up. Does anyone know any sweet graphics for a 2000? I couldn't imagine anything sweeter than my countries flag
  15. Johmama

    Effects of different plugs in 125?

    The only thing that the BR8 will do is possibly burn a whole in your piston. Always use the recomended plug.