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  1. kxf25006

    New kxf owner and to thumpertalk!

    Welcome! I am also new to this forum,30+ and have a new 06 kx250f. Thumpertalk is a great forum, It was very helpful in my choice of bikes. Enjoy your new bike. So far: 1.2 hours(big fun) valve clearance check(all in spec.) oil & filter change(not so fun)
  2. kxf25006

    06 price in California

    goodtimes kawasaki in sacramento.
  3. kxf25006

    06 price in California

    picked up mine in northern california 12/6/05 for 5899 o.t.d.
  4. kxf25006

    New to the forum & new 2006 KX250F

    uh, oops. right. horrible bikes, don't buy one, slow, heavy pipe on right side makes it hard to turn left, plastic guards spin around. stay away!
  5. kxf25006

    New to the forum & new 2006 KX250F

    nice monster graphics! uh...you plastic engine guard is rotating, mine did the same thing
  6. kxf25006

    New to the forum & new 2006 KX250F

    Hi everyone I picked up a 2006 KX250F this last Tuesday, rode it today at our local mx track, what a great bike! I was faster and felt allot more in control on the KX compaired to my 2002 RM250. I also got a few laps on my friends 2006 KX450F another fantastic bike, I was able to go fast on the 450 but I got arm pump quickly. I wish I could have them both but I am very happy with the 250. I will be changing the oil and checking the valves this week and posting the results on the appropriate thread. Ride, have fun, change oil.