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  1. PBJR

    2001 Honda 250 EX

    service called yesterday. Both internal clutches are destroyed. Over 1100.00 to get fixed. Anyone in illinois need a 2001 250ex parts quad? Motor still ran but no motion ?
  2. None that I can see. I did trace back the wires to a possible crack in wire from neutral switch. I havent bypassed it yet to see it is the problem.
  3. I am thinking switch too. Clutch is working fine. It literally jumps when shifted then dies immediately. Like a cut off is prohibiting it form running.
  4. It jumps into first, then immediately stops. CLutch is fine. I am thinking a switch of some sort.
  5. CLutch is engaging fully. I am thinking it is an electrical sneutral switch thing.
  6. I did try to post in ATV section. Have a 2001 Honda TRX 250 EX. Starts everytiime, but when shifted into first or reverse, it dies immediately. ANyone seen something like this? Help
  7. PBJR

    Honda 2001 Honda 250 EX

    Starts great everytime, but when shifted into first or neutral it dies immediately. Everytime. Cant seem to make it go forward or in reverse. Also anyone ever put a different shifter on this model? Thanks
  8. PBJR

    pops and dies

    Sounds Fuel related. Check external fuel filter,carb and all jets. You said , you were headed downhill. Maybe something in the fuel line. The pop wouldn't necessarily mean valves.
  9. PBJR


    Any ideas for an 06 aftermarket spring for a DAD? Also anyone had trouble with idle screw being too far out to get a decent idle? Thanks
  10. PBJR

    Getting Top Dead Center?

    I don't know why this works but all dirttrackers and TT guys do it. Place bike in 2nd gear and move backwards till it stops. You will feel it, don't try to jam it backwards either. Then place bike in neutral. there's top dead center. Easier to start and your ready to go.
  11. PBJR

    Turkey baster

    In a pinch a sm H20 bottle works great when going through tech. For Flattrack I beleive the rules say that you must have overflow bottle. I think that Motion Pro may have had some. Find something that works and stick with it.