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  1. KECK450

    Lets see a pic. of those 450's in action!

    Cahuilla Creek Competitive Edge
  2. Does anyone know if a 07 stock exhaust system will fit on the 06?
  3. Does anyone know what gaskets I need to replace when doing a top end on an 06? OEM part numbers would be awesome so I could order every thing on thumpertalk. Also how hard is it to replace a top end on a 4 stroke? Ive only done it on a 2 stroke.
  4. KECK450

    When To Change Top End?

    My valves havnt moved so I gues I'll just leave it alone.
  5. KECK450

    When To Change Top End?

    How do know when to put a new top end in? I have an 06 with at least 80 hrs on it that Ive had for over a year. It runs fine, starts easy but seems to have a little less compresion than my Dads new CRF450. Also is $180 sound right for a wiseco top end kit?
  6. KECK450

    Boyesen Quick Shot. Do they help a 450?

    I have a Boyesen Quick Shot on my 06 and I cant tell the difference. Throtlle response was the same as stock to me. Run U4 and you get better response.
  7. KECK450

    Front Tire Problems!

    Yeah, I always use windex. There is one spot on each side of the tire that wont pop out. Im going to deflate the tire, windex it up and try it again. This is the first time this had happen to me.
  8. KECK450

    Front Tire Problems!

    I just put on a new front tire and the bead is not seated evenly. I tried taking the air out and pushing on the tire. Also tried riding the bike around, and the bead wont pop out evenly. Im probly going to take the tire off and redo it. Any suggestions?
  9. KECK450

    hour meter location on 2007 -------

    Picture is from MXA. But I got the same setup on my CRF. I got the bracket from DR. D.
  10. KECK450

    Bent Subframe Again?

    Looks like I bent my subframe again! I had a pretty hard crash about a month ago and my first ride back I noticed my tire was rubbing on my pipe. Whats the best way to straighten a subframe, or is it better to just buy a new one. I bent it back once already. Also who has the cheapest subframes? I saw an AC racing subframe on motosport for $180.
  11. KECK450

    Yoshimura RS2 Comp CRF450

    I did the same thing by putting a few washers between the subframe and the exhaust, but it still rubs. The problem is my subframe is bent a little, and I cant get it bent back straight. I dont realy feel like spending $170 on a new subframe either.
  12. KECK450

    a guy walks into a dealership...

    I got an 06 CRF450R for $5900 OTD in CA.
  13. Anyone know who has the cheapest OTD price on an 06 CRF450? In or around LA/OC area. My Dad sold his YZ450, and is going red! I know LA Honda has them for $6000 OTD.
  14. KECK450

    Valves checked for $60 sound right?

    Thanks for everybodys help. I checked the valves this weekend and it was super easy. And they were in spec.
  15. KECK450

    Valves checked for $60 sound right?

    Thanks for all the info.