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  1. Thanks Eddie, I'll give that a try. Reading the forum has got me thinking, since fitting the Leo Vince the bike has been harder to start when hot without using the hot start lever, this has got worse since I swapped the 40 pilot for the 42. Along with the o-ring mod would I be better off going leaner on the pilot and/or swapping the leak jet for a better instant throttle response and easier starting? Cheers Paul
  2. Thanks Eddie, I'm new to this, what is the O-Ring mod? Cheers Paul
  3. Hi, Got an 05' Wr250f. If the throttle is jabbed open at lowish speeds the bike tends to bog and then pick up. This makes it difficult to pop the front wheel up over obstructions. The bike runs a Ti Leo Vince X3 can with standard main jet (Uk market), 42 pilot jet and the needle clip moved one notch richer. Do I need a bigger pilot or is it something else? Cheers Paul