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  1. I was a hard core Edsel lover before I saw the light.
  2. "The ultimate suspension upgrade for the TTR125 is to replace the entire front end with an inverted forked, and much more ridgid, '94-03 YZ80/85 or KX80/85 front end. You'll need to change the springs to match the heavier bike and there's some simple adaptaion required." But we already know that. I'd like to know about the KX forks... ; )
  3. Great writeup on the Yz85 front end transplant ontio the TTR125. Now, I found a set of 2004 KX85 forks and got em off EBay for $150 bucks. I got everything except the brake system. Will the TTR stuff fit, or do I need the system as well? How about the spacer issue? Anyone know what size washers I'll need? THANKS.
  4. This thing will bolt up to a 2005 TTR125 LE without issues? Is so, ping me back. How did you extend the sway bar to one inch? Thanks!
  5. Yes, there are about 300 threads regarding the $$$BBR swing arm swap and YZ swing arm swap (which sounds like a lot of fun..) I remember about 4 months back that someone was offering a machinists product that replaces the link and adds 1.5 inches to the height. I sure would like to talk to them again! I'm doing the KX front swap. Or.. if you have any suggestions. It's tough shelling out 380 bucks for an inch... THANKS!
  6. $800 < valves