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  1. 125 motards are just a riot! you could buy my set up off me. excell rims with Rad MFG hex hubs. They allow you to put the hubs on just about any bike with the correct carrier and axle spacer kit. PM me if you are interested. Hey Corey! if you read this dont get upset. I just need some money to complete my RD350.
  2. wow! that was a lot of fun to watch! I love 125 motards, did it keep up with any of the big bikes?
  3. just keep the KLX and build it up. everyone and their mom has a drz.
  4. This makes me miss my old '85 XL250! dooo eeeet!
  5. Very Cool Dmerc! I saw your post in the cheap motard thread, man I spent alot more than that I my rims! so im a little jealous! how heavy are the alloy wheels? did you need to make your own axle spacers for them to fit?
  6. Very Clean! A buddy just picked up a '91 DR350 and hes already got the SuMo bug! This is right up his alley! tell me: are you running the stock vacuum carb?
  7. Wow! Very Cool! Long Live 125sm's! btw: Corey, just got a procircuit pipe in the mail!
  8. darn you and your nice california race tracks!
  9. Gosh Corey, how'd ya know?! haha. I dont think twostrokes are awesome; I know they are. Werent all the moto gp bikes two stroke at one point? I think the answer is yes. Werent they phased out because the manufacturers were no longer producing street going two strokes? FYI, if you've never been to a moto gp race, you should go. Its worth it for the sound alone!
  10. The KX is awesome, I need to gear it down a bit. I have some trick parts coming my way: I'll post progress as I go along!
  11. Corey, I know I said this before, but I love your bikes! They are just so clean!!!!!
  12. lets see some before/after dyno charts!
  13. hey MJF, I noticed right away you were using RadMfg hubs. I love mine, they are really trick pieces of kit. You can use them on pretty much any bike as long as you get the correct carrier and spacers. plus they are nearly indestructable and greasable.
  14. "ZING!" lol, I think im gonna keep that. I have a whole shopping list of parts for it, this is just the beginning! Im gonna work my A$$ off this spring break to get them sooner. I'll keep you updated!