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  1. Johnnyballz

    2014 250 sxf best replacement piston?

    My personal choice is OEM, but if not them Pro-X is a very good OEM equivalent. I have also used Wisecos in many engine builds and have never had an issue. I owned a couple shops for 5 years and did side-work for years afterwards (still do it every now and then) and have actually never seen a piston failure that was due to the piston with either OEM, Pro-X or Wiseco in a 2 or 4 stroke.
  2. Johnnyballz

    Bike moves with clutch in?

    I spent 10 years on CRF450's and I went through baskets quite often. Once the bike starts creeping while in gear and the clutch pulled in and it gets hard to get the bike into neutral you know it's starting to get notched. You can file the fingers as a temporary fix, but it will come back fast since the metal is softer once you file the face off and the plates slam even more with the extra clearance in there. I always ran Hinsons in my Hondas and would get a couple seasons outta one.
  3. Johnnyballz

    Sxf 2016 efi adaptation?

    I have a GET ECU in my '13 450 SX-F. I can confirm that it has a barometric sensor built right into the ECU itself, but as far as the rate it refreshes I do not know. I have loaded different maps into it and am very happy with the current map it has now. The only thing with this ECU is that from the day I installed it, whenever I start the bike it starts, then dies, starts, then dies and on the 3rd start it keeps running. It does this literally every single time I start it cold, regardless of choke, ambient temp etc. I just accept it since the bike runs killer once it's warmed up and it's only when I first get it going for the day. I also noticed that with the stock ECU, if you press the start button just for a second the fuel pump runs for a couple seconds, and with the GET it does not do that. I had several conversations with the guys at GET over some issues with the Wificom unit for it and had asked them about these 2 things but they never really answered me.
  4. Johnnyballz

    Sxf 2016 efi adaptation?

    That I don't know, but it needs to be several times a second. I used to be a professional auto mechanic and am more familiar with the actual operation of car computers. The basics of a bike computer are simpler so I don't know how often it would sample to make adjustments but it needs to be just about instant. When you crack the throttle the injector needs to respond right away. Again though, I'm not familiar with the logic of a bike computer. This is what the TPS reading can be used for, for instance. Since it would take too long to get a "read" of intake air temps and calculate the perfect ratio based off that and throttle position, the computer will follow a "chart" that calculates load based on throttle position and the speed at which the plate is opening. It's all really up to the engineers that designed the program, and even that sort of thing can very in logic from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  5. Johnnyballz

    Sxf 2016 efi adaptation?

    No worries, not trying to be a word-nazi but an IAT and an O2 sensor are just 2 completely different things. An O2 measures the actual oxygen remaining in the exhaust gas once the process is complete, it's the last sensor to "touch" the whole process and the IAT is the very first), the IAT measures air temp in order to calculate the density of the incoming air. No air is sent through an injector, that is controlled by the throttle plate of the throttle body. An injector adjusts fuel flow by the computer altering it's "pulse width". A fuel injector is opening and closing many times per second, to get more fuel flow the computer adjust the amount of time it is open in each one of those "pulses", which is why they call it pulse "width".
  6. Johnnyballz

    Sxf 2016 efi adaptation?

    The white knob is an intake air temp sensor. An EFI system can function without an O2 sensor, it's called an open loop system. Almost NO dirt bikes have O2 sensors, having the O2 sensor is like a "verification" of what the ESC is commanding the injector to do but not necessary. Some aftermarket systems allow you do add in an O2 sensor by welding in a bung in the exhaust pipe, but take a look at the majority of bikes out there and you'll notice they do not have an O2 sensor. It can only go in the exhaust pipe. Even on a car with a much more advanced computer, until they are fully warmed up they operate in open loop and only after it has been warmed up will it enter closed loop operation. You can watch it happen while watching a data stream from an ECU. On our bikes the computer is much more simple and calculates it all based on things like the intake air temp, RPM and throttle position to determine pulse width of the fuel injector and timing.
  7. Johnnyballz

    Rear shock leak

    It's not a huge deal, but there are some procedures that need to be followed. It's important to fill it with oil and install the bladder correctly, and you really deed a seal head tool to install the new seal head correctly (straight). Motion Pro makes them. You'll also want to make sure you have the right fitting for the nitrogen fill, Race Tech makes a charging bolt with a rubber diaphragm that you can pierce with a regular shock charging needle.
  8. Are you able to pull the injector off and leave it connected while you crank it over to see if fuel is spraying out? Otherwise you are still going to be wondering if there is flow at the injector itself, no point in ruling out just part of the system.
  9. Johnnyballz

    250 sxf rebuild :/

    I can tell you that I have rebuilt countless motors with Hotrods cranks and always had good luck (used to do it for a living). I stopped doing them on the side about a year ago, the last motor I did was an '08 CRF450 with a Hotrods crank with a big-bore kit, the crank was very well built and the build went great.
  10. There are multiple filters (tank, inline) but since the bike is new and it does sound like a fuel starvation problem it is possible you got something that went downstream into the injector. Sometimes that are plastic shavings from products which again, should be caught by the filtration system but if one of the guys was monkeying around at the quick-disconnect it's possible something got in that line and now is clogging the injector tip. The hole in an injector is so small that almost anything can clog it. Reading through these posts points to this in my opinion.
  11. Johnnyballz

    07 Ktm 250sxf weird problem

    When did you rebuild it? I've had issues with carb'd bikes before when the seasons change, even out here in CA where we have a tempered climate. I've had it happen on bikes where the seasons did not affect them for a couple years but all of a sudden on e summer I'd just have to re-jet.
  12. I bought my DRC pump off Ebay for $54 shipped and the needle adapter for around $22 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/DRC-SHOCK-PUMP-3-5BAR-50PSI-365X82X37MM-/331772247831?hash=item4d3f2abf17:g:1XAAAOSwDuJWtqX7&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/FOX-POLARIS-RZR-ARCTIC-CAT-NITROGEN-FILL-ADAPTER-MOTION-PRO-STYLE-NEEDLE-O8-0075-/221225602363?hash=item338212cd3b:g:jrgAAOxycERRjZ8c&vxp=mtr
  13. Johnnyballz

    2013 450 sx-f kick starter install

    Yup, since the '13 still has the boss in the case it's a straightforward bolt-on install. Are you having problems with the e-start? I have a '13 as well and it was my first e-start bike. I do all trails and woods and end up places where I'd be really screwed if my e-start went out, I was nervous at first but have total confidence in the setup now.
  14. Johnnyballz

    Right bike for an old man?

    I ride mostly woods and trails, and have had nothing but "track" bikes, I'm 35 now, have been riding since about 12 and have been on 450's since '05. Been on Honda CRF450R's until this last season when I switched to a KTM 450 SX-F. I'm 5/7" and 150lbs and have no issue with size/weight of the bike so as far as the bike being "manageable", for a guy your size you have no worries.
  15. Johnnyballz

    Clutch job failure

    Did you put in the same number of plates that you took out? If you work the clutch lever with the clutch cover off, is the pressure plate moving back and forth against the beleville washer? Is it possible the pressure plate is stuck or catching on something (installed with a slight angle) and is bound up?