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  1. If anything he pisses off Subaru when he does that.
  2. Alex_YZ450F

    Townley the flying Kiwi

    Not sure about Jeff, but Mike Alessi was racing the 450.
  3. Alex_YZ450F

    Plastic Ramps for Suburban Supercross

    Wouldn't it be better to just make a little dirt track for the kids?
  4. Alex_YZ450F


    Get the excels, they are much stronger than the stockers.
  5. MXA did do a shootout of the 07 smokers a while ago. The YZ finished first followed by the Suzuki, KTM, Honda, and Kawasaki (respectively). I'm pretty sure that the other mags did shootouts but I am not sure when.
  6. Alex_YZ450F

    Newbie needs help

    Plus, the XR is a Honda, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding parts for one; not like you will need many:lol:.
  7. Alex_YZ450F

    Newbie needs help

    The only thing I could find is this http://dirtrider.net/forums3/showthread.php?threadid=130502 Hope this helps
  8. Alex_YZ450F

    Brake and clutch levers ASV

    I have had them on my bike pretty much since I got it and they just won't break. I have tried sliding along hardpack and rocks at 20mph and just scratches (bent my hammerhead shift lever up into the case). I crashed off the side of the track and bent up the radiator but the levers were still strong, I even looped it in 5th gear; bending the subframe, twisting/bending the top subframe bolt, and wrecking my PC exhaust but still nothing. These levers are incredibly strong and they look nice as well. I would definitely recommend them for any rider who doesn't want to keep breaking the stock levers.
  9. Alex_YZ450F

    RV51 on 250f and 450

    I got passed by Grant Langston at Elsinore; so that means I was ahead of him at one point. That counts for something right?
  10. Alex_YZ450F

    What can we learn form this video?

    She screwed up Alice Cooper; there is no forgiveness for her.
  11. Alex_YZ450F

    06 Yz450/06 Yz250

    They are the same suspension components, so it probably should.
  12. Alex_YZ450F

    ***HELP*** Which 450 should I buy

    Because, Honda has a better marketing department.
  13. Alex_YZ450F

    Plastic for KTM??

    Any designed for that model. You could try KTM Hard Parts, Acerbis, or UFO.
  14. Alex_YZ450F

    racing number question?

    Two digit and one digit numbers are earned; at least for the AMA but it is probably the same.
  15. Alex_YZ450F

    Whats going on with Leatt brace Co.

    Correct me if I am wrong but, isn't that against an SEC regulation?