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  1. have fun buddy, i really could care less about someone online making fun of me. i am an arrogant ****. lmao it seems to me that all your "knowledge" on this mod comes from the little ou read on zip ty's website, and the posts of other people in other forums. when i come to this site for info, you're the exact person who's posts i skip when i'm reading. if i want information on something, i'll read up on it, maybe see if anybody here has any FIRST HAND experience with it, but all you're doing is relaying information to us from other forums.
  2. yeah, keep believing i think my 15 dollar part is the same as this mod. i never said such a thing. i only claimed i got rid of the bog. but whatever..arguing on the internet is like pissing in the wind..where did you read that you can get as much as 5 horses? if someone claimed gaining 5 hp from a small (relatively) mod, they're dumb
  3. watch people hit the jump for a while. find out who's consistently jumping it, and follow someone who's doing it, and go as fast as them up to the jump. i either do that or ask someone what they hit it in. hope it helps
  4. um bud, i'm not wrong. the guy above me said something about his friend sending his carb to tokyo mods and having no low end bog, etc afterwards. i read about the wire tie mod in the crf450 forum and said ***, i'll try it and when i did it and got the 42 pilot, the low end bog is GONE on my bike. i see no point in sending my carb off and spending more money when it runs good now.
  5. oh and dont waste money sending your carb off! i spent 15 bucks to get my bike running that good. 15 bucks for the fuel screw (bud works at shop) free jet from my friend and i already had the safety wire...
  6. the wire-tie carb mod is great. all i've done is put a 42 pilot in, and did the wire tie mod and the bog is gone...
  7. i always have to mess with it a bit, but if i remember correctly, it involves lifting the rear portion of it straight up, then lifting the front up and towards the left of the bike and it comes out...no need to remove the mount
  8. my hotstart plunger seized in the bore about a month ago...ended up having to drill a hole in it, put a screw in the hole, and use a makeshift slide hammer to get it out...got a new plunger from the shop and everything came out great
  9. Nothing on MRD'S website says anything about kx250f's, but I just sent an e-mail to them asking if they can make one.
  10. it's a major pita. thats for sure.. you gotta get the cover at just the right angle and it comes right out..
  11. nice...looks like an awesome place to ride.
  12. so, took the bike to carnegie sunday...hooollllyy shit this bike is fast...everythings great about it..i'm very happy with it
  13. i know it may be different in florida, but how tolerant are storage places about having motorcycles in storage? i figured they may be hesitant because of flammables...but maybe i'm wrong
  14. just got back from the dealer...picked it up, and now she's sitting in the bed of my truck waiting to get ridden (live in apartment, no storage, am going to dads tonight where i'll keep the bike) can't wait to go riding tomorrow...
  15. yeah, i really just need the spark arrestor, but thanks...and i am thinking about picking up a slip on sometime in january, so its just temporary. glad to be a proud owner (well, soon to be) of a kx250f