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  1. seanca66

    250sxf quiet exhaust

    Leo Vince are 94 db and make good power..made better than FMF...i had one on my bike before i sold the bike...i have a leo vince on ktmtalk for sell ...less than 10 hrs....
  2. seanca66

    Megabomb with down turn pipe

    the turn down pipe makes more low to mid...ktm used them in sx....
  3. seanca66

    Exaust Help PLEASE!

    leo vince is a nice one....i thank its better than a Q4....
  4. seanca66

    280 Gearing

    try a 14 or a 46...i had a 280 on my xcfw and i ran a 13/49...with the xcf gear box you can go down 2 or 3..
  5. seanca66

    08 250xcf engine work

    Call Bill at HT Racing.....
  6. seanca66


    Can you run a 08 CR 450 with a 13:1 piston with pump gas?
  7. seanca66


    thanks but like i said it's factory pipe...it's has a aluminum flange and a steel bushing that goes in the motor... unlike a powerbomb or megabomb that just goes on the stock flange that come out of the motor....
  8. seanca66


    i just got a factory megabomb for a 250f, but i need to know how to install it...help.....
  9. seanca66

    09' 250 XCF-W Jetting advice?

    i have a 08 250 xcfw, i ran the sxf needle 168main 42p, 13/4 turns out..i ride at 5000 to 6500....the poping is a air leak.... how is the riding up there in ID.
  10. seanca66

    Procircuit Exhaust

    get a yosh pipe great top end
  11. seanca66

    sxf or xcf-w 250

    w is a great bike...i have a 08 and love it.
  12. seanca66

    320 kits

    i have a 08 250xcfw with a 280 kit, was thinking about a 320. does a 320 change the way the bike handles..i love the way it rides now..i just want some more low-mid snap... i have a 280, porting, cam from ht racing a t-4 slip on the stock head pipe and a sxf cdi... thanks
  13. seanca66

    pics of a Dr.D

    Does anyone out there have a pics of a Dr.D on there 250f's
  14. seanca66

    best exhaust for a 250xcf

    yes. it seem to...my jetting was sxf needle ,162m 42p.... you have a fmf Q4 with a megabomb how do you like it?
  15. seanca66

    best exhaust for a 250xcf

    yes... i put a 07 cdi off a sxf on my o8 250xcfw, more snap ,more power off the bottom and revs out better