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    2005 trx 450 jetting HELP!

    thanks to White brothers i have a Guess on jetting... the kit for the exhaust i got came with a 180 Main and said drop the needle a click and 2 1/2 turns on the air screw so everyone else out there listen for updates ill keep you informed...Dj k&n Air box Top removed Slip on MX4 White brother exhaust Main 180 Needle 4 clip air screw 2 1/2 out stock everything else...
  2. i just got the quad i want to have a k&n air filter No top on the box and im putting on a slip on White bro's MX4 exhaust and i bought there Jet kit they reccomented anyone have some Jetting help Needle posion and what needle to use or Jetting anything will be a great help thanks. DJ