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  1. Time Left: 18 days and 14 hours

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    New in original unopened package with original price tag of $69.99 Sold the XR due to injury - this needs a good home. goodguy TT price of $30 plus actual shipping costs.


  2. Sorry for the sad news. Safety first - always! ..that could have happened in any southern California city just the same...
  3. Put your money in tubes, tools, tires, goggles, & lights.... you asked.
  4. Yeah...I remember my first Baja ride...
  5. As B1K rolls around, I had to watch this again. I laughed and it looks like 21,000 people have enjoyed it too. Enjoy! Be safe!
  6. We saw something very unusual - where the course hit Hwy 3 after coming up from SF, a truck chase team had full-blown private security with telescopes down the Hwy observing all traffic, auto weapons, radios in everyone's ear, etc. The mechanic team was friendly enough, but the security was serious. Hmm... Is Trump racing?
  7. Not this trip, but previously it was a great stop!!
  8. Back from pre-run and we can report the Hotel de Valle is even better than before. They are expanding, painted the whole place, and opened up a drive thru to the back for better pull-thru with a trailer, with a security gate at the back entrance. Where else do you get little hotel soaps, and shampoo packets!!? Clean. Great matteress. The owner literally never stops working and attending to the guests. He delivered fresh towels right from the dryer and declared them as warm as "freshly baked bread"! $19/two beds with coffee in the morning! I'd like to keep this secret to myself, but we would all be well served to keep this guy in business.
  9. Any intel on the course, map availability, or prerunning considerations?
  10. trooper8

    Bike prep

    That's what red locktite is for.
  11. trooper8

    Bike prep

    That clip isn't coming out very easily, and the safety wire can snag. If you're on a KTM, consider drilling and wiring the rear axle nut.
  12. So fantastic! There's nothing like the days depicted in that video!
  13. A lot of wisdom here. It's easy to get carried away riding with your buddies in the wild wild west, be safe!
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