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  1. Captain_Pants

    How stable are the 06 610 SM and TE

    04 SM570R pretty stable at those speed. tends to headshake a bit over poor surfaces under power at that speed but that might be down to setup.
  2. Captain_Pants

    Cold start technique and sidestand mods for 04 SM570R?

    Thanks guys, did the sidestand mod and it worked sweet. I'll try giving the throttle a few twists, everyones been telling me not to do it. When we use the choke sometimes it'll start but just die after about 1.5 seconds even if you try and give it some throttle. I've been parking it on hills
  3. Captain_Pants

    New to motarding

    Hey guys, new to the forum, Been away from bikes for a few years, got my 04 SM570R husky motard yesterday. If anyones got any general tips/advice/ideas theyd like to impart, go for it, espeically in regards to body language and positioning. Dirt vs road style opinions welcome too. Got a mainly dirt background so that feels natural to me, but change is a possibility. This bike is wicked, fat power, 4pot brembos with braided lines, 6pd box, good suspension, much better bike than I am a rider. Awful to ride around on when riding 'normally' though, a nasty experience indeed. Pants.
  4. Hi guys, Got my 04 SM570R brand new yesterday (they've had it a while) and I can kick it first time every time when its hot, but when cold it's a nightmare and takes me ages to get it. The left side kick isn't a worry, by my total lack of experience in kicking 4strokes is. The pilot has been richened up a bit if that makes any difference. Its summer here in australia so the temps are not anywhere near 'cold'. 2nd question. Is there an easy/common/standard mod to stop the sidestand retracting as soon as the bike is lifted up? I just know someones going to grab it one day when its parked and i'll come out to find the thing on its side. Why they make it like this is beyond me! Thanks.