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  1. are there any significant differences in the 450s between 2006 through 2008??
  2. dempsey55

    Ankle Sprain....

    definately get it checked out with an x-ray. im going through the same sort of situation right now, i missed a gear on a table to table and landed on the face. and i hoped it was a really bad sprain, but its been 3 weeks, and i cant put any weight near my toes. and there is a line of purple along the bottom of my foot. turns out theres a couple fractures and im going in 20 minutes for an MRI. let insurance worry about it.
  3. dempsey55

    Just a few Wheelies on the CRF

    slow down, and get to the balance point earlier, instead of power wheelieing it, its scary th first few times
  4. dempsey55

    rotator cuff/scapula injury?

    i posted a thread on this in the general forum, but then realized there was a real health forum to post it in. i suffered from a rotator cuff injury, and a broken scapula. and now my shoulder comes out of socket extremely easily, and goes in just as smooth. but i know thats not a good thing. i do train as much as any serious racer should, both cardio and weight training. but the situation isnt getting any easier. what brace should i wear to ride, and what kinds of physical therapy would be best.
  5. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    good call, i know a chiropractor really well, so he'd prolly know exactly how to set it up
  6. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    thanks. thats definatly helpful. do you have the website to the uk brace??
  7. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    thanks for that. what kind of strenghtening exercises do you do. does that brace feel like it would affect you for riding at all? as far as mobility side to side, and back and forth??
  8. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    yea, im pretty careful of what i eat. i have that brad lackey book. lol. the physical training section is amazing, but the techniques are a lil out dated. im like 6'4" at 175 lbs, so im eating as much protein as possible. trying to get that weight up a lil
  9. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    damn dude, youre my hero. its no prob. i know i train enough, but i dunno if im training right for my shoulder. ill check those out and try em all. and maybe it is time i go get a follow up. do you have any problems with subluxation now, because mine seems like theres little support anymore. i started the thread because yesterday, i was practicing corners, and accidentally hit neutral and dumped it. and by all standards, there shouldnt have been a problem, but it came out. my buddy's dad, who was there to time us, popped it back in. so i dunno if theres anything i need to concentrate on that you did
  10. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    actually i do. i go to the gym 4 times a week for weight training, and 5 days a week i do cardio, (45 minutes, i change it up everyday, either eliptical, stationary bike, rowing machine, or treadmil), and ive been swimming 15 laps every 3 days. but i dont do any shoulder specific exercises that target the cuff. should i? my dad tells me to hold my hands up with a 5 lb weight and like roll my shoulder forward and backward, to try and tighten the tendions. but it hurts too damn bad.
  11. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    yea, i know its down to the EVS braces, but theres one type with the compression straps, and one without, its like a 10 bucks difference so its not that big a deal, but has anyone had problems with comfort and mobility
  12. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    i didnt start yet no, ive been thinkin it would just get better, lol. did it help you alot?
  13. dempsey55

    shoulder brace??

    about a year ago, i suffered a bad shoulder injury. and now, when i fall on my shoulder, even if its just a drop, my shoulder pops out and stays out. the pain is just too much, and everytime it happens, it gets more frequent. i saw that EVS shoulder brace, and i was wondering if anyone had the same problem and if it helped.
  14. dempsey55

    How am i in the air? (pic)

    visual for CFR70MS dont be afraid to move around, jumps change alot during the course of a race, this one is like 90 ft or something, with a peaked lip, so if you were stiff, like in your first one, you'd land boner air on your back wheel hard so i try to nudge the bike with my weight, and tap the back brake if you need to get the front wheel down fast, but i find it better to finess the bike on the lip and in the air. and Honda racer 19 is right, always look ahead. its alot easier to correct if youre looking ahead at the landing. imagine drivin your car looking down the hood.
  15. dempsey55

    ANOTHER cornering form thread(pics)

    id say just keep doin em, have someone set up 4 cones, two goin in, and two goin out,a dn have em time you. just do them over and over and over. damn good form, i dunno what could be holding you back