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    Plate a DRZ400E in New York?

    i dug this old thread up in a search. it still hasn't been answered. has anyone from ny legalized an E model? thanks, rm
  2. redmist

    drze vs drzs

    something no one has mentioned, is that (correct me if i'm way off here) is that the higher state of tune on the E might make it less suited for someone who is going to ride it extensively on the road. the extended high rpm running will wear more on the E's engine than the more tame S model and more maintainence will be required on the plated E model.
  3. actually, it's a well known fact in the medical world that marijuana is an anti-emetic (that's an anti-nausea drug). that's one of the reasons why it's prescribed for cancer patients when undergoing chemotherapy. one other is that it helps with the appetite. sometimes the mind can nauseate itself when it wants too...especially when they have preconceived ideas of how they should react...
  4. a "contact high" isn't what you think it is. a contact high does not come from inhaling second hand smoke, it comes from being around other people who are high (could be from anything, including jumping out of a plane). one can almost get the same buzz from just being around people who are "feeling" a certain way. it's an emotional state. you don't actually get high from a contact high, you just feel that way. you are right, it is rude to be toking around kids. you should be a man, and walk right up, and respectfully remind them that you have kids with you and you would appreciate it if they were more discrete. you would be surprised at how effective talking to someone with respect can be- mind you, using anger and intimidation usually doesn't work (unless you are 6-8 and 300 lbs). it's much better than taking that anger with you all the way home, and writing a rant on a message board about it. carrying that anger with you for so long can only lead to grey hairs and sometimes tumors. in the end, you'll feel better that you at least tried to do something about it. the difference between marijuana and alcohol is that one is taxed and the other isn't. drunk people are more annoying as well. the reality of the situation is that any public event with 50K++ people around, you are going to get all kinds- drunks, potheads, bad language, angry-fistfighting types, and just plain rude people. unless you go to a kid specific event, your kids are going to be exposed to things which you may find objectionable. that's just how things are. what's worse, is that at school, they get all that...and more!!! to all the people who suggested that they get up and get the police- that a bit sissy, isn't it? why wouldn't you want to say something on your own first? what's the worst thing that could happen to you if you said something (keeping in mind that there are 50K people around) ?
  5. in your opinion, how has the change to 4-strokes from 2 strokes changed mx racing? is there a different style required to run a 4-stroke as opposed to running a 2-stroke? what are the inherent advantages/disadvantages to running either style of engine? thanks for your responses. yours truly, an experienced pavement racer but a newbie dirt rider.
  6. redmist

    tracks near newyork city

    player haters. http://www.islandmotocross.com/mxweb05new/Page_1x.html