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  1. hawkyyz

    2008 CRF250X (CA) Leak Jet Size?

    Well, I looked again and there it was - burried among the vast amount of information! It's a 55 leak jet. Thanks!!
  2. hawkyyz

    2008 CRF250X (CA) Leak Jet Size?

    Thanks. I had already checked out that site. It lists Leak Jet sizes for up to 2007 model year (not 2008). Before going through the trouble of pulling out the carb I was hoping someone had already done so and has the info.
  3. hawkyyz

    2008 CRF250X (CA) Leak Jet Size?

    I've searched and read conflicting information on this. I know different years and different versions (CA, 48 state, Candada) have varying jetting specs from the factory. Can anyone confirm what size LEAK JET is stock specifically on a 2008 CRF250X (CALIFORNIA Model)? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply but I need a few clarifications please... Where on the carb, what does it look like? What do you mean by disturb the settings - what do I need to do (or not do) to make sure I don't disturb the settings? Thanks again!
  5. Last week I purchased a very clean and lightly used 2005 CRF450X with the CCC mods installed by a Honda dealer (cam, header pipe, rejet, opened air box, baffle removed, pink wire). The bike runs great and is very strong! The only problem is it has a hesitation (stutter) at about ¼ throttle that can be felt only at a constant speed in any gear. You can’t feel it when accelerating up through the gears, only when at a steady cruise at about ¼ throttle or so. Everywhere else, throttle response is smooth. I’ve been reading about the issue from a few others and I want to check if it might be the throttle position sensor (TPS). Questions: 1. Where is the TPS plug located? 2. Can I just unplug it to test if the problem goes away? 3. If I plug it back in is there any recalibration or resetting of any kind or is it back to the original state? 4. Any adverse affects on the bike while riding with the TPS unplugged? By the way, I have changed the oil, oil filter, trans fluid, coolant, cleaned and oiled air filter, drained and put in fresh gas, pulled the jets and cleaned, put in a new spark plug. All of the above were in good condition to begin with but I wanted to start fresh. Thanks!
  6. hawkyyz

    Jetting a bit off?

    I don't know if it will make a difference or not but the owners manual says you need to run 91 octane gas in 150's.
  7. hawkyyz

    Which Tires?

    Both my wife and son have 150's. On theirs, I'm running Maxxis IT's on the back and Dunlop D756's on the front. Great combination. The back hooks up great and the front turns well. They originally ran the Maxxis IT on the front also but took that off after only a couple of rides - it was really slippery and wanted to wash all the time. Later, I found others on this forum had similar opinions on the IT fronts.
  8. hawkyyz

    CRF70 Bent/Stretched Frame?

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  9. hawkyyz

    CRF70 Bent/Stretched Frame?

    How do I check that? Thanks.
  10. hawkyyz

    CRF70 Bent/Stretched Frame?

    Thanks, I'll check it out. You're right, it might be more like 3 feet. He does occassionally get pretty high and bottoms out the suspension when landing. No more of that!
  11. My 8 year old son loves to jump his 70. Not crazy but he gets anywhere from 1-4 feet high and lands mostly flat. This last weekend we went on a ride and he and his friends played on this jump repeatedly off and on for a few hours. When I went to load his bike on the trailer I noticed it didn't roll very well and when I checked the slack in his chain it was REALLY tight - so tight that the back tire barely rolled. At first I though maybe the rear axle nut had loosened and the rear tire had shifted back but that was not the case. When I got home I just re-adjusted the rear tire to give the chain it's normal slack, I rode it and it seams like everything is fine now. Do you think the frame has bent, stretched or broken? How can I tell? What should I check to find out why the chain tighted up like that? Thanks for your help.
  12. hawkyyz

    Good price on a 05' CRF150?

    Turns out it wasn't a dealership, rather an authorized Honda distributor. They had excess '05's that dealerships would not buy any more because '06's and now '07's were out. I got the last of the 7 units he had left over.
  13. hawkyyz

    Good price on a 05' CRF150?

    I'm on my way to pick up a BRAND NEW '05 CRF150F for $1,900 this morning. It from a dealer that's going out of business and they had 7 left over '05's they were selling. This one was just built 4 months ago and has been sitting on the showroom floor. They were asking $2,500 - I offered $1,900 and after some negotiation they accepted. I thinke it's a pretty good deal for a brand new '05 CRF150 in the California market!
  14. hawkyyz

    CRF's Only ??

    I forget exactly what city they're in but I think it's around where the 10 and 15 fwy's meet in the Ontario area. To be sure just give them a call. I've ordered from them before and was able to will-call my parts so it saved me the shipping charges. No store, just a small warehouse they ship thier on-line orders out of.
  15. hawkyyz

    A.R.C. 06 Corona-V Pants feedback

    I can't really comment on how they hold up because I've only worn them twice now. But, I can say they vent the heat very well! I have no other vented gear to compare them to since they are my first vented pants but they are very comfortable and I really like them a lot. I also have the Corona-V jersey too. I love it! Vents great and keeps me cool. By the way, they are on sale right now so if your going to get them don't wait too long.