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  1. Crash369

    Hardest Decesion

    Thanks guys I appreciate all the support.
  2. Crash369

    Mill Creek

    i was there but left in a ambulance early sunday
  3. Im haveing to make one of the hardest decision while laying in bed awaiting surgery on my wrist and a back brace that I have to wear for the next 3 months for a broke back. I also have a broke rib and contusions to my lungs. This is the 3rd time ive broke my back, and numerous different breaks and surgeries over the years. With all the permanent injuries in our sport and we had a death at the local track last week, I have to make a choice to stop doing the 1 thing that truely makes me happy. Ive been very fortunate to walk away over the years from some nasty spills. I have 4 kids I wuold love to be able to play ball with my grandchildren. Just had to get that off my chest.
  4. Crash369

    Mill Creek

    Anyone going to Mill Creek tomorrow? a couple of us from Ga leaveing to go there in the morning.
  5. Crash369

    Anyone use a Tap and Die set?

    its best to spend the extra money on a good set. It isn't fun trying to drill mout a broke tap because you didn't want to spend the extra money and it cost you more in the long run in time and money(Experienced)
  6. Crash369

    Anyone Ride in Eaton Ga?

    Its Eton, Ga The expereinced trail is a fun challenge but not real difficult. My property is 1/2 mile before the rode turns to dirt and my parents still live there thats where I leared to ride. It's a beutiful place.
  7. Crash369

    Cobra or KTM

    Thanks guy's
  8. Crash369

    Cobra or KTM

    Looking at getting a 50 for my boy, he's been on a pw and ready to move up. I found a good buy on a 2003 Cobra and can't afford a new one (3800) wondering what would be better for him.
  9. Crash369

    '06 YZ450f leaking water pump

    Did anyone replace the seals? wich ones did you replace?
  10. Crash369

    2006 yz 250f for a yz450f

    thanks guys I'm a low B rider and find myself wanting more power and i am past my prime. just didnt have much seat time on a big bore. but i think i made a good choice after i get a little seat time ill be alright. Its in the garage now and cant wait till this weekend to try it out. Thanks again
  11. Did I mess up? I just traded my 250 for a 450. After puting on the stand it feels alot heavier. Ive always rode 125's and 250f's no open bikes. Ive rode the bike once before and fell in love with the power but only spent 20 mins on it. Thanks.
  12. Crash369

    Mill Creek

    Anyone going to Mill Creek this weekend?
  13. Crash369

    7 pin conectors

    You can get a adapter to go from 4 to 7 if the trailer dont have brakes. the 7 pin has brake, a 12volt acc wire, and reverse light wires thats all the 3 extra pins are for.
  14. The one with learn can be tricky to setup the first time but it isn't to bad you can do it if you have common sense.
  15. Crash369

    Enclosed Trailer Pics

    2005DMAX is that paint or carpet on the floor? looks good.