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  1. 2000cr250

    moving looking for ridinging spots

    just bought a house in idaho on highway 21 in bosie county were is the riding out there? iam like 30min or less from idaho city and 25min from bosie im right by lucky peak lake
  2. 2000cr250

    places to ride in idaho

    around nampa Middleton bosie around that arear goin there the 23 with my family to look around. ya looks like some nice places to ride where i live now (livermore,ca) the closet place that has good sigle tracks is like 2-3hr what do u think the distance from diff parks is? (the longest drive to one?)
  3. 2000cr250

    places to ride in idaho

    im going to be moving there and woundering were all the riding is. post a web site of the parks and pics would be kool 2 thanks
  4. 2000cr250

    Merry Christmas

    hey how the hell do u find out what size the kenda red millviles are they arnt like the reg tires size.
  5. 2000cr250

    Any NorCal areas good to ride when wet?

    oo this deer creek(mi-muk) iam going to is in the sonoras by the town twain hart wheres the park u are talkin about i have not heard of it
  6. 2000cr250

    Any NorCal areas good to ride when wet?

    ill be heading to deer creek tomarrow and staying at one of my buddys cabins. i was woundering how the riding it when its wet??
  7. going there mon and tue going to be stayin at my buddys cabin and just riding form there sence he lives like 10min from the place. just wanna kno what its like
  8. 2000cr250

    stonyford conditions

    i was plaing on going to sf for my first time mon and camp till tues and ride both days but i dunno if it got alot of rain the forcast for up there says showers tomarrow and the rain is stoped fri,sat,sun. and 30% chance on monday for lil showers how do u think it will be? any snow there yet? let me know thanks
  9. 2000cr250

    mamoth bar question

    some how my reply got cut off but i went there today that place sucks did all the trails in one ride didnt take long at all and they are rocky as hell(i thought my home town park carnige was rocky) track is prolly the only kool part was kinda weird tho no jumps any ways would not recommed that place unless u are learning to ride other wise go to GT. only reason we did not go there us becuase my buddy gose there all the time and told me if i did not kno were i was goin i would get lost lol anyways we are going to stonyford the 26-27 should be kool never been there i was woundering what you guys think of that place let me kno!!
  10. 2000cr250

    mamoth bar question

  11. 2000cr250

    mamoth bar question

    ya i have heard about them i have a trip planed to GT over x-mas brake i dont go this far often to ride becuase iam only 17 and live in livermore and its like a 3hr drive pulling my tralir and gas kills me!! im use to riding carnige and holister all the time (sence i have been 4) so iam use to any kind of tarrain i have been wanting to go to clear creek witch ill prolly do over x-mas brake 2 but iam waiting for some rain
  12. 2000cr250

    mamoth bar question

    going to mamoth bar this sunday any one been there. first time going there just wanted to know what its like thanks