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  1. gumaku1

    2017 TX 300 Engine noise

    I had the same noise, this is related to the kickstarter shaft not being spaced from the case correctly. I took my side cover off, pulled out the kickstarter shaft and put a spacer washer in there (about 1mm thick if I can remember correctly). You can go to any of the bike and push pull on the kickstarter shaft and feel how much freeplay exists. One other guy recommended an easier fix. Get a nice beefy O-ring the diameter of the kickstart shaft, remove the kickstart lever and then slide the o-ring on. The o-ring should keep the kickstart lever spaced correctly (pulls and holds shaft outboard). In the picture below I compared the new 2017 kickstarter to the older one (yes for whatever reason KTM changed this....), note how the new 2017 does not have a spacer applied. Checking the newer bikes (2018's) it seems there is much less freeplay and no noise, so it seems KTM has improved their tolerances.
  2. I watched the Supercross lites race last night and found that Andrew Short and Josh Hansen wore the new One Industries 2006 Trooper Flat Black Helmet!! this is the coolest helmet I have seen in a long time. Anyone know how it fits or works? I also would like to know if anyone has a suggestion about how to buy one for a good price!!!
  3. gumaku1

    kibblewhite owners..

    My friend was going through stock CRF250R intakes around 15 to 20 hours. He got tierd of replacing them (after two replacements) He went and had his valve seats machined, put in ferra ss and new springs and has had no problems since. I think he told me his bike is almost at 100 hours right now. So ferra is a proven winner!!
  4. gumaku1

    250X carburator fuel drain?

    you mean that 17mm plug that leaks fuel everywhere when you try to drain the carb? My old KLX650 had a nice screw with a rubber hose that I could drain with a simple allen wrench. What ever happened to the good old bikes!!!
  5. Can anyone tell me the best price I can buy an FMF Q2 with the Powerbomb torque header? Anyone have one used for a 05 250R?
  6. gumaku1

    250X carburator fuel drain?

    Does anyone who has a CRF250X know if the carburator bowl has a fuel drain. I would like to know if it has a screw with a nice hose coming out which can be drained with an allen wrench? I have a 250R and it does not have this option. Everytime I put the bike away after a ride I like to drain the carb. It makes it much easier to start the next time I use it, if I have fresh fuel in the bowl. I usually run it out of fuel before putting it away, which my neighbors don't really like!!! X owners, let me know what you come up with.
  7. gumaku1

    Valve issues, who is having them...

    I have an 05 CRF250R and no problems with intakes. I have checked them , they are a little tight, but still in spec.
  8. gumaku1

    FMF powerbomb + Q2 muffler

    Has anone used the FMF powerbomb torque with the Q2 muffler? I have a 2005 CRF250R, I am a woods rider, I am looking for more low end and a little bit quieter sound in the woods. I hear that the powerbomb torque is excellent, please let me know your expeieince.