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  1. Recently brought a Bazzaz fuel control unit for my Tc 250 (2012) and what a difference -great gain in torque and over all feel to engine power delivery - cheap performance gain and easy to install. Great buy!
  2. MyTC450

    1998 380 egs question

    I have bought myself one of these machines and doing it up to race the Fink next year but I am just wondering what does the egs stand for and what is the difference between the egs and exc?? any info would be great. I have ridden this bike before and should be great for the race - will not be the newest there but will have some pace!
  3. MyTC450

    TC 450 Starting problems

    Mate - sounds like your valves may have closed up to much (doesn't make sense though since you have had it checked out) I had the same bike and this did happen once but found the valves where closed right up (inlet) these bikes did have a known problem with the valve seats - seats where cut in one factory and the valves themselves came from another and hence a slight error with the seating and over time the seat fails. I had mine repaired under warranty and things where fine there after. I now have an 08 TC 450 and love it!
  4. MyTC450

    04 Tc450 Popping, any suggestions?

    Sounds like you are running to lean in the pilot jet. Turn mixture screw out 1/2 turn and see if this helps - you should only be about 2.5 turns out for correct mixture. If you need to go out further than 2.3 to 3 turns you need to increase pilot jet size by one and start again. No popping when using choke makes sense given the choke is a rich mixture.
  5. Try slowing down your rebound - I have had the same issues over the past few rides (08 TC450) but I slowed the rebound down and problem has gone. Slowing down the rebound to much will have other issues - bogging down front end. Hope this kind of helps.... Cheers.
  6. I have had the factory supplied exhaust shield fitted for a couple of rides now and it has cracked already just near the bolt hole - has any one else had this happen?? if so did you get it replaced by Husky??
  7. MyTC450

    08 TC450 dies when hit

    Alex, I have same bike and jetting kit but I have nothing of what you are going through. I would have to say the JD kit has improved the bike and the throttle response is great! With it been hard to start I thought of the inlet valves straight up but I with 10 hours I would think not - stalling, to lean??? Would be intrested in hearing how you go with fix - hope you get it sorted soon as they are a great bike.
  8. I finaly fitted a JD kit to my TC 450 and wasn't expecting to gain to much from it, how wrong was I. The response from down low has improved greatly and the bike in general is better to ride - fitted jets / needle as directed and BAM...new bike. I would not have expected such results from such a simple mod....money well sent with these kits. Go get one now!!! Has any one got any tips to change a tyre with out ruining the new black rims??
  9. MyTC450

    08 Spares Kit?

    Yeh I forgot about the jets - the box seemed a waist given what was in it!
  10. MyTC450

    08 Spares Kit?

    I have the new bike but the spares kit i received was little on - only received 1 piece of o-ring cord and a couple of the small rubber straps that you use to hold cables the bars etc. What should have I seen in the box??
  11. MyTC450

    First ride 08 TC450 - issues need help!

    Thanks for additional feed back - yes I have noticed that the forks do build up a lot of air pressure and I will bleed before each ride. I have found out that the guys from R&D in Aust are getting some new springs for the TC's out of the states - slightly firmer. Has anyone serviced their new 08 forks - main reason I ask is to see what quality oil issues there may be and amount of found fluid drained out as apposed to what had to go back in?? Has any one heard about the heat shield that Huskie are going to hand out due to the pipe melting your boot issue??
  12. MyTC450

    First ride 08 TC450 - issues need help!

    Thanks for feed back. I will leave forks as is for now and see how they go after a few more rides - yes I am aware of the compression setting position. One thing I have changed to see if it will make any difference is the handle bar offset - rotated camps 180 to allow more room. One thing I must say is the rear suspension works well for me and responded well to clicker adjustments.
  13. Took the new bike out for its first ride and I have a couple of issues I need help with. 1. The front end bottoms out real bad - I had played with the compression to try and stop it, it did a little but this resulted in poor cornering - the track we where riding had a lot of dry / soft areas and loose dirt on the surface. I am looking at getting the forks serviced and oil level check ASAP as I fined this a little strange out of the box. I am 6foot and around 90Kg. 2. Low end power seems a little soft - good mid / top end power but not the bottom end hit I was expecting. I have a quickshot 2 fitted but the bike still pops a little so I will change pilot before next ride. I am thinking I changing gearing to help bottom end - say maybe 52 tooth rear sprocket?? Is it possible to reduce weight of flywheel but I have a feeling this will effect rest of power range?? Any one else out there had issues with forks?? Woild like to hear any feed back. Cheers:confused:
  14. MyTC450

    08 TC 450 - Breather pipe!

    Thanks for the feed back, much appreciated. Will look at mod and make changes as required. Take it easy,
  15. My question is regarding the breather from the rocker cover going to the air box booty. I assume that this is common on all huskies as the pipe was just in a different position on my 04 TC but what is it's function....is it some sort of pollution thing as the KXF I had had the pipe running down the frame and under the engine IE to atmosphere, doing nothing. I can not see any advantage of this running to the airbox, if anything, I see it as a disadvantage given it will be supplying warm air to the engine this equating to loss of power etc. Is there any reason why this cannot be blanked off at the airbox and the pipe run under the tank or even down the frame???