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  1. I started riding and racing 2-strokes at 15...10 years ago. I bought my FIRST 4-stroke atv in 2004 and it was a 450R(now belongs to my wife). The last 4-stroke ATV I had was a Warrior 11 years go. I absolutely can not get used to the engine braking. My WR450 isn't as bad. I would let off the gas on a zingers way before jumps to keep from over shooting them. You can't do that on a thumper unless you let off right at the rev limiter and that doesn't work too well. Any suggestions? I'm really thinking of getting another 250R this summer and running it till they are banned if ever. 2-stroke definition is there and then it not when I right this. ? Now it won't go away. Then it did.

    Anyone looking for a new cam?

    I have a 08 trx450er and i know the motors are really close. I'm not sure which one fits the 2-wheeler but if you want a lot more power and don't want t gut the head, this is a good one. Go to www.ctracing.com - honda - trx450 and look. You don't lose anything and at 3/4 with the wire cut on the cdi, it comes unglued. You'll notice it building more at 1/3 throttle. Then twist it back and hang on.

    Is it smart to try and learn on a CRF450x?

    I got my first dirtbike in 2005 when I was 24. I always wanted to learn to ride one but had always ridden and raced atvs. I bought a wr450 and I would've been better off with a yz 2 or 4 stroke. i thought the wr would be better because it was a trail bike and would be easier to ride and it was. However, I was used to a lot of power hitting hard and the yz had better forks and a better shock set-up for my preference. The trail bikes are heavier and not as nimble.

    Lucas gear oil?

    I use the honda tranny oil and Lucas semi synthetic in the top end. The Honda dealer is a pretty good haul for me and I get the Lucas oil at orielly in town. They have the 80/85 gear oil. Will any other that work in place of the Honda tranny oil? It just says gear oil on the bottle.
  5. My 08 450er Ct racing pipe and ct grind web cam Wife's banshee (going through extensive overhaul) Pro circuit pipes and that's it. The best thing on it are the Easton extra fat bars I got on sale for $30 at Christmas. They mounted up perfect on the stock stem. The one I had to bring home because he found it and screamed 1990 powerwheels! He has one that runs

    Manual can chain tensioner

    I have a 2008 trx450er. The motor is real close to the 450x and atv forumers aren't the most mechanically inclined so I'm asking here. I got a cam from ct racing. It's a web cam in his grind. It's a "drop in" and doesn't require any changes but I hear the timing chain ticking. I asked the dude who put the cam in and he said the stock auto tensioners are junk. Ape and tokyo mods have them. If you use/know anything about them, let me know a few details like how to tighten the chain. The tokyo mods and ape pro are about the same price. From what I've read about the tightening procedure, the tokyo mods version actually looks like the better one. I need some input. Thanks Travis

    Manual can chain tensioner

    The motor doesn't have but 2 rides on it that lasted more than 20 minutes. Those trips were at a local riding area and it didn't run but 30 minutes at a time. The rest of the time I just put around the house. I started hearing it after the cam instal. I bought the bike new nov/2010. The dude who put the cam in said it looked fine and that he started having that trouble after he changed his cam and assumed the tensioner just never worked right again after it was taken off. I thought i'd reset it this weekend and see what happened. If that doesn't work, I'm buying the manual.
  8. I'll have my wife's banshee up in a couple months. I have a way to go with it.

    87 Quadrunner runs odd.

    Does the motor make weird sounds?
  10. You mite check for air leaks. Mine was pulling air from the base gasket and idling up. Mine was a whole lot worse though. That would be step 2.
  11. TWILES

    trx 250 r wonderbike?

    The power issue always gets me. My 89 had a krank-it built motor. I'm 6'1" and 220 in great shape(rarely) and a 3rd gear take off wasn't as simple as 2nd but it would do it with my over-sized ass on it with 13/37 gearing and 11" wide grooved turftamers. I loved mine but sold it after highschool. I have a 08 trx450 now and I like it better but there's nothing like a 2stroke for the thrill. For what I paid for a pipe, you could get the 250 ported and a pipe.
  12. TWILES

    trx 250 r wonderbike?

    The 450 engines werent around till 98 when Yamaha built the 400 yz. If you compare cost of operation, the 250r is still cheaper and just as fun.
  13. I really missed mine too so I bought a 2001 clinker a few months ago. 3 stripped foot peg bolts, coil crapped out after maybe 3 hours of riding it, swingarm and axle bearings were bad, reeds are bad, ..... Nothing like one though. I actually got it for my wife and the look on her face with the new coil was great. It has a ways to go($) but it will be worth it. My son is 10 months and it will be here for him.
  14. I want to use 2 left blaster pegs on my wife's banshee but I have to have nerfbars. I can't think of ever seeing this set-up so I have no idea what nerfs will work. Anyone know what will work?
  15. TWILES

    Banshee rear suspension swap?

    I have to agree with this dude. I liked the stock rear shock. It adjust really well and the travel is fine as long as you aren't running MX and really pushing it. Elka rebuilt my stock rear shock and it was fine. It matched the front Elkas. The only place I could complain was that I was over-riding it. If I had a Banshee and was doing it over, I would buy the linkage and an Elka shock. Mine gave out really bad past half stroke. It was set up for "pro" mx rider. Not knocking Elka. The stock rear has its limitations. You really have to push it to find them though,
  16. TWILES


    It will be totally different from the 400; The over-all power will be similar but only at peak. If you like a 4 stroke, stick with them. A 2 stroke takes some practice.
  17. We were going to do that this weekend but it was really cold and I have no idea where my feeler guage went. I really think thats whats wrong. It sound like the push rods are bouncing off the cam. Her old 250ex was really cold collared but no this bad. Thanks for the in-put. Pooping.........kesler! Travis
  18. I'm decent with a carb but when i comes to the motor I'm almost lost. My sister bought a 2006 250ex and theres a problem. At idle, it poops and won't idle at all until it really warms up and still poops. It does good up to half throttle when you ride it but at half throttle and beyond it cuts out like its not getting enough gas, I've pulled the carb and aside from being new, its spotless and the jets are correct. Theres a rattle in the bottom-end that gets more steady when on the gas. Could that be the push rods bouncing on the cam and the valves not opening good be causing the problem? I'm not ruling out a timing chain but normally theres constant tick and this almost sounds like rocks beating around at idle. Travis
  19. I didn't mean pooping. I was drunk when I posted this. It IS pooping out though. HAHA.
  20. TWILES

    sport atv front end alignment

    I raced some in the late 90's and I leaned my tires in too. I'm with you on the toe.^^ I've seen guy have their toe in so much it was kickng up dirt. 4 strokes don't push the front as bad as the 2 strokes. I guess thats why no one runs ith a lot of negative camber anymore. I don't even dream of MX anymore but I'd try a few different settings before I went with what everyone else was doing. Remember that the toe will change as you change the camber.
  21. I'm planning on getting back into racing this year. My friend who had a small shop shut down due to the reccession and the 2 Yamaha dealerships I liked when I was racing 8-9 years ago have sold and are being ran by used car salesman. I've been scouting for a new stomping ground over the last 6 months and I can't find one. Hatefull parts counter people and salesmen who remind me of the car from the movie cars who sold the tires. You don't know what you. I tell you what you want. It doesn't bother me until they insult me. I've have a VERY short fuse when it comes to things like that. I know things are bad and bikes are not selling but, damn! The product knowledge of the people working at these places SUCKS to the point one of them tried to tell me that a CRF230F had an alluminum frame. He really thought it did... Trying to start conversation with one is impossible. They don't want to talk a little, they want you to buy and get the hell out. OK, thats kind-of understandable. I remember when the people that worked at those place enjoyed working there. What happened to them? I know because the guy who bought Town and Country Yamaha did it. He fired the ones who liked to make friends with people and help them and actually got paid(who also made the business worth 3million) and hired a bunch of idiots for nothing and lost a ton business.
  22. TWILES

    Oil question

    I've got the TRX450R but the motor is about the same as the Bikes. Its actually a lot closer to the X than the R but I figured you guys could answer me better. I changed my oil for the first time and really thought I had it broke in. I put HP4M in the top end and haven't changed the bottom yet. I have a 2008 model I bought new a couple months ago. I had a 2004 model and used the same oil and couldn't tell any difference but my new one felt like it lost something with the oil change. I've read about synthetics and the rings not holding good compression. I don't know if thats what I'm getting but I my Banshee made more power using Yamalube and felt a lot like my 450 4-stroke is feeling when I used amsoil. Like it was worn out but ran fine. I might be crazy but it feels like it lost power when I changed to the HP4M. I haven't kept up with the time on it but it can't have more than 10 hours run time. It runs perfect but feels like it lost quite a bit of power. Have you guys had something like this happen with your bikes? How bout using Rotella? I've been told that works as good as any.
  23. TWILES

    New Yamaha WR450F m.2012?

    When I sold my 05 I said the ONLY way I'd buy another is if it had YZ forks and FI. They put that one out and I'll pass my TRX450R on to the wife EXACTLY like I did in 05 and buy another WR for me. That one looks cool but without BOTH of those things I'd like to see, I don't want it. I don't know why but I've never seen Yamaha and FCR work together and the current forks suck. One with a fueling system that worked right every time and a good/easily up-gradable suspension would be the shit and would give KTM a good run and the XC races.
  24. The title says it all. I would love a YZ250 but I think getting one will require an act of God. The dealerships around here don't like to talk about what you want. They like to talk about what they have and what you "need". KTM dealers are few and FAR in-between but I don't head to the shop but maybe once a year and the craftsmanship of a KTM doesn't look like its even in the same catagory as any others. I've looked at the XC models and really don't want to commit to something strictly for the woods. You never see SX models around here but at the XC races there is a sea of orange. In my mind, if the XC models are that good, the SX's would be the same in their catagory. Talk to me about them. Thanks
  25. TWILES

    Motor locked up

    Its a KFX450R but the motors are supposed to be very similar and I can't get any answers on the ATV forums. My sister ran it out of oil and it seized. It would not break loose pulling it. I turned it backwards with the flywheel nut and it broke loose. I took the plug out and hit the starter button and no weird noise from anywhere. I put it in gear and pushed it and no noise. Its a $100 to get it diagnosed at the Kawasaki dealer. They said thats put towards the labor if we fix it then. I'm trying to get an idea of what all probably went bad when it seized. I'm guessing it will need a piston kit and a sleeve. Could there be anything else? My uncle is a machinist and can resleeve it. I can do the rest as long as it doesn't require and special tools I don't have. Anybody locked one up and had to do more?