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  1. wheelertrmz

    Step Over Jump

    I agree with the seat bounce idea! That is how I get a new jump down that I have a hard time getting speed for. Seat bouncing it will give you some more height and let you see where you will land sooner. On most step ups I have done it is usually better to have a tiny bit more speed than you think you need versus coming up short!! Have fun, I know you will!!
  2. wheelertrmz

    RM showa fork from my CR

    If you can take it apart and check lower section, there may be a dent or a burr. If you can find the burr (which can be pretty common from roost) you may be able to file it. BE CAREFUL and take your time. Do not try to rush it, just file gently and scuff with emory cloth. As for the dent, you may just have to replace. I think the forks should fit. I know they do on newer bikes. If you have a manual see what Millimeter forks you have and ask what theirs are to be sure. Good Luck!!
  3. wheelertrmz

    Suspension HELP??? Spring rate

    You could also try slowing down the compression and rebound on the forks to help with the deflection. Same on the shock but getting sag right should help.
  4. wheelertrmz

    how do you get up steep hills easy?

    Momentum is key. You try to putt up a hill and you are doomed.
  5. wheelertrmz


    I saw a post on here that said the puller for a kx250F would work and is alot cheaper.
  6. wheelertrmz

    RMZ450 Flywheel

    Yes. We called them the week of the 5th and they said they didn't know when it would be out.
  7. wheelertrmz

    RMZ450 Flywheel

    I want more engine braking. I am looking for a 13oz or so. I love the bike but think a little heavier flywheel would help make it even more friendly.
  8. wheelertrmz

    RMZ450 Flywheel

    Has anyone heard when flywheels will be available for the 05 RMZ 450. I do ALOT of trail riding and a small amount of MX. Call it a lack of "00" on the latter.
  9. wheelertrmz

    Boots You wear ( Improved)

    I have a pair of Tech 6 and ARC mx220v's Like the 6 LOVE the 220v!
  10. wheelertrmz

    When is it too cold to ride

    when your duds freeze to either your leg or the seat.... ITS TOO COLD!!!
  11. wheelertrmz

    What type of pants do you wear?

    I like in the boot pants. Nobody has mentioned ARC brand from Rocky Mountain ATV. They are very comfortable and affordable. Check www.rockymountainatv.com
  12. wheelertrmz

    What Tires on RMZ

    My Bridgestone M402 looks like a 2 year old tire (rear)! It has about 30 hrs on it mostly trail riding. My friends all swear by the Maxxis IT. It is a very heavy tire but is about impossible to pinch flat in rocks.
  13. wheelertrmz

    '05 Rm-z 450

    I bought one in August and absolutely love it!!! I talked to a guy at the track who had a yz426 and after he rode mine he said he would be getting rid of his and getting an RMZ. He said the power delivery was a ton smoother and it handled alot better. I have not had any problems with mine and it will start on 2nd or 3rd kick cold and usually on 1st on restart. You dont even need the hotstart unless its been laying down.