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  1. the fox air shock
  2. here is one of my 06 crf 50 which is for sale $1800 here is one of my DRZ110 I don't have any of the CRIII yet, It is white and will have the same sticker kit as the crf.
  3. Jeff, I wouldn't buy an SDG, I bought mine grom Guy Cooper in Stillwater, Ok. He sells thim at a good price, and checks them out good before he sends them out. I know you can get a CR II from him for less than $1500 shipped to you. The CRII and CR III are pretty much the same. Either way you will want to get a new rear shock though. I spent about $1800 on mine. I put a thumb throttle on this one for Marshall to ride. It is easy to rip around on I am racing my 110 this saturday at Hale arenacross in KC,MO. If your looking for a good pit bike for the money I would look into one of these. I like the little CRF I have but for the money the CR II or III would be the way to go. Merrill
  4. I bought a new CR III from Guy last week. The bike is sweet. I had rode a CR II and complained about it being wobbly(sp). The CRIII allowed for the handlebars to be mounted further back than the CRII and the bike handled great. I have a DRZ 110 with salad forks, two brothers/racetech rearend, And Two Brothers stage 1 kit. The xtreme is a little faster, doesn't handle as good as my 110 but regardless, very impressive. It is just as fast on my mx track. I have a six pack I jump on the 110 but can't (won't) hit on the xtreme. I also have a BBR crf 50. This past weekend I had about five friends come out and ride. We rode for about six hours, pretty aggresive, and the bike did perfectly. I was impressed for the money spent. Merrill
  5. "P/N 200525: The Long awaited CRII/CRIII XTREME 125 Engine is finally available as an upgrade path for older Xtremes and most other "minis"! The Kit engine is OEM in the XTREME GUY COOPER REPLICA CRII and CRIII, This is the real thing! Beware of Illegal Counterfeits that are being sold on E-Bay and other places. Those engines are manufactured by Lifan and are imprinted with “xtreme” on the side covers. These engines are cheap imitations! They are not “Genuine Xtreme”! Buy one of these counterfeit engines and you are on your own for parts and technical support! Buy with confidence from XTREME and get 100% Support after the sale. We have parts for all XTREME engines in stock! Our engines are built by JIALING exclusively for XTREME Motor Company. Contrary to what you may read on the internet Xtreme engines are NOT GPX engines either. GPX does not equal XTREME! A few of the many Quality features include: A 10mm diameter reinforced upper engine mount boss, the 5 plate clutch is mounted on the transmission main shaft (not the crank), the 3 row oil cooler ($150 value, included in the kit!). Our engines exclusively use a crankshaft driven, high capacity oil pump as original equipment. Why you ask? So the top end of the engine does not starve for oil when using the standard oil cooler and the cam chain is not “stressed out” driving the big pump. Our XTREME Full sized intake manifold does not “step down” to a tiny intake port like many “brand X” engines! Japanese made roller bearings throughout including the camshaft. 4 speed “all up shift” transmission is standard. Kit includes: CRII Engine, Oil Cooler Kit, 20 mm Mikuni (Japan) carb, Intake manifold, CDI, Left Side cover and hardware. We recommend the use of 428 chain and sprockets for increased durability." This came from xtreme's website. I just want to know if the shift pattern on a GPX is one down three up.
  6. I am curious about this motor. I just wonder if anyone has one, reliablity is my question, not worried about the power. thanks
  7. What is the shift pattern on these motors? I thought the pitster was one down three up, but the crII is all up. Does the crII have a gpx, I thought it was something else. Also anyone with a crII, do these bikes feel unstable compared to some others. I have a drz 110, crf 50 and the cr II, the crII feels very unstable. Just wondering if all of them are like this.
  8. ?.....
  9. ?.....
  10. it looks like a kenda millville
  11. That is a good looking bike
  12. here is one of my 06 crf 50 which is for sale $1800 here is one of my DRZ110
  13. I bought the TBR with extended racetech shock, it is by far the best setup I have ever rode. With this rearend and the salad forks on the front you can jump anything, I am very impressed.
  14. I want the race tech, the swingarm and linkage setup of the bbr was what I was wondering about. I think I will get the TBR, I just thought there maybe someone out there may have rode these setups. What swingarm do you have on yours?
  15. I have an 04 drz 110 I am spending my life savings on. It has Two Brothers "Salad forks". I will be purchasing a rear setup very soon. I am either buying the BBR pro or the Two brother's Pit boss with the long race tech shock. The BBR comes with an Elka. I want the TBR because the front end is TBR. Also I am favoring the TBR because it keeps the look of a pit bike. Also I think Race Tech shocks are better for bikes than Elka. The BBR looks like it would perform better though. I race MX on a quad. I bought the 110 to play around on an MX track with. I will race a few pit bike races, nothing major though. My question, will the TBR setup work as good as the BBR? It just looks like the BBR would perform much better. And either way I am spending $1000, so I would like it to perform as good as possible. Thanks, Merrill