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  1. O.K. so will EFI raise the MSRP on the 450 or will it be within what it is now?
  2. you should post this in class you dumb arse.
  3. How about Villopoto if he would have cleared the finish line i think he may have had his first sx win, he was really fast the whole day and since langston was out of it he could have won! that would have been SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK
  4. Best race so far AWESOME
  5. you might hate mike but i bet he will whoop you riding.
  6. tru dat
  7. not taking anything away from the kawi but the honda is also great. lets see, best motor, and the only thing that is holding it back is the front end, it needs a better tire and stiffer springs, if you don't believe me read the racer x test again.
  8. i know you guys do not like mxa but that is exactly what they said they were experiencing.
  9. Story of the Year, the only band i ever need to listen to.
  10. dang that thread was really entertaining, i wish the honda forum was as entertaining as you guys!
  11. lets just forget about shifting and demand that they make an automatic and then you guys do not have to fight about it! hahahahahaha.
  12. come on bailey is one of the best announcers for our sport ever, he has experience.
  13. hey guys, would anybody ever buy and wear the new thor core in hematoma color, i want it but it has a crazy color combo. i was wondering if anybody would actually wear it.
  14. yeah right now i ride a honda, and think it is a great bike, but if i were in the market for a new bike, i would get whatever bike is the best. regardless of brand. i used to think honda is the one and only but now i realized i might miss out on something better if i stay brand loyal. ( with that said all i know is i love my crf450 and you guys probaly think kawi or yamaha is best, but i like what i ride and frankly that is all that counts.
  15. how come everytime there is an argument, i see your name OPENCLASS, hey no offense i kinda like the competitive spirit!