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  1. smurphy

    well i went down yesterday

    happened when i was doing less than ten mph.was leaving a parking lot and reached over to zip my cuff on my jacket and the bars turned and i went down not too bad.banged my knee and some good bruises.went back to work and looked at the bike and the right side of the bar is bent and the brake lever was bent but bent it back. so now i would like to get a new bar but dont really know what there is to get.i would like to get the same width and height but stronger.so if y'all have any suggestions that would be great! about an hour after i got back to work i checked my valve clearances.i had planned on doing it that day and they are in middle of spec and took a half hour to do.not bad. im gonna put on the zeta brake lever assembly and later will do the clutch side. thanks all let me know!
  2. ok folks how well does the monster teraflex corner and all.each weekend i ride 40 miles out some twisties to a 2 mile long dirt rode then all around the property then back home.i want the grip and and 'look'.need a front to go with.thanks.
  3. smurphy

    Miles to the standard tank

    I do a ton of in town riding and im getting 60+ i think my last tank i put in an even 1 gal and i was at 65.4 miles.Makes me happy to go to the gas station and put in 2.50 after being on the road all day in town.
  4. stock 02 with 2700 miles 1100 from me.just need to get rid of those deathwings.layed it down yesterda due to a dusting of sand on a nice dry road.hurt my pride and scratched a bar end weight.my best freind saw it happen and yeah deathwings
  5. smurphy

    TERAFLEX usa/china issues cleared up

    Any word on those front teraflex tires? ordering a type 2 tomorrow.What PSI should i be running on the street with it?
  6. smurphy

    well now I can actually get to the dirt!

    it did come with a full tank and a free service
  7. smurphy

    well now I can actually get to the dirt!

    http://www.msf-usa.org/ great course.i had good coaches.One of them rides a drz-e and when i stood up on the pegs in the u-turn box (20 ft by 35ft rectangle that you do a right then a left u-turn in) he smiled and i made a u-turn on a 250 rebel in 17 feet by standing up and riding like i was out in a tight trail.test was simple.only 4 out of 12 passed though.one guy lowsided in the u-turn box and automatic failure on that he was ok.well time to start planning on where im gonna go.Any suggesstions on where to go in San Diego other than my parents 5 acre back yard? still have the deathwings till i get $100 bucks for the type 1 teraflex and a front of some sort.havent decided yet but i do pretty much 50/50 but want the agressive stuff.im gonna try and find another set of rims and put road smoothies on it so i can evade the weird flashing lights behind that much quicker hehe nope.havent been written a ticket for anything been pulled over and told to go home (grew up with the officers kids) fun times 3x3 and an fcr soon i hope
  8. smurphy

    well now I can actually get to the dirt!

    $6000.00 after all the junk they add on along with a year of full warranty.it taught me a leeson: Always haggle! its a great bike though.a marine owned it before me and kept it really clean.he traded it in fora 1000cc crotch rocket dont know why anyone would want to kill themselves but to each his own, right?
  9. I just got home from my last MSF course.I aced the test.Let the fun and wheelies begin now i can make it out to the desert just east of here in sunny San Diego.i bought my drz used from a stealer and now wish i had found a better deal and saved 2 grand or so.2002 with 1600 miles on it for a grand total of $6000.So far have just removed those weird little rubber things in the pegs and put on the case savers from the TT store.bike now has 2700 miles on it and i bough it in november.I thought i was gonna fail the test.hehe guessed wrong.see you out in the twisties!