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    2007 YZ450 Frame crack

    I used the same approach by getting my dealer involved. The dealer called Yamaha on my behalf, but the response was that "there is no frame crack issue". Was your friends bike an 08 or 07?
  2. I read the August 08 MXA article on the 08 YZ450f "60 inside secrets"... and saw the pictures of the frame cracks, after seeing this...I noticed a 1.5" crack located on the right bottom side of the steering head tube directly on the weld bead on my 07 YZ450. I called Yamaha Customer Support, they told me that cracking is not unusual with an aluminum frame motocross bike and not associated with any weld or quality defect. Further I asked if this issue has been addressed on the 09 YZ's (because I want to buy an 09) - again the answer was "there is no weld issue". I then asked if they could provide me the type of cast aluminum alloy to ensure I use the correct weld filler material (and heat treat if necessary) when I have the crack repaired- I was told - "this is proprietary, just give your frame to a welder - he will know what to use". I was a bit distressed at the response. Just wondering, anyone else has frame cracks in this location? If so, did Yamaha provide any support?