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  1. Hey Guys, I have a shifting problem... The bike won't shift above 2nd gear when warmed up. When the bike is cold all is well, shifting isn't awesome but its not bad either and it shifts through all gears fine. I did have the engine side case open and i noticed a crush washer behind the clutch basket looked like it had some "chatter" marks on it... when I put the clutch back together i torqued it to spec and put it back together... the clutch still has very little drag... Do you guys have any ideas? Has anyone had this problem? ~mikeym
  2. cool beans... post pictures...
  3. If by chance you had some crust floating around in the tank... that may have passed. That would explain why it ran better later in the day. Could have been some cruddy fuel... you should run some seafoam in your tank.... ~mikeym
  4. thanks for the tips... i accidentally learned how to do wheelies yesterday clutching it up... i haven't tried in second yet but first seems to work fine... i'm just worried about destroying my clutch... the clutch has 3.5 k miles on it... at least 1k of those dirt miles... i'll have to give it a shot in 2nd... would you suggest standup wheelies at all? easier or harder to do if you are clutching it up in 1st?
  5. could have knocked some crap loose in the tank and it was passing through your carb...
  6. Concept Choice A Age: 21 West Chester, Pennsylvania 1991 dr250s - I choose this option because I feel that the lightweight ability of the 250 for off-road is great. With a little change in gearing and opening up the airbox she makes a good dirtbike. - price does make a difference, however I rarely buy a new bike so generally speaking I purchase what I can afford. I'd like to see suzuki make a better dual sport that has more RWHP.
  7. Ricky Stator referred me to this guy for my dr250... he said that if he can't rewind it then nobody could... http://www.customrewind.com/ although any electric motor rebuilder should be able to rewind a stator for you.
  8. thats freaking awesome... take that baby off a jump and have somebody take some pictures!
  9. sounds like a chain with a stiff link...
  10. i haven't bought anything i can't make money off of!
  11. bump, pictures?
  12. Hey Guys, My bike is in the shop turns out it was a bad stator... I'm getting the bike back but I don't want to run a battery. I'm running a headlight, no tails or turn signals... I have heard of some guys putting a capacitor on the battery terminals to help the charging... Don't wanna burn out another stator. I can't find the thread now... any help? ~mikeym
  13. My dr250 just got fixed in the shop for an issue similar to this... I had this problem as well... turned out it was the stator... 300+ bucks fix... but the bike should be running after the fix... waiting for the shop to call.
  14. HACK what size tires do i need for the rear of my 91 dr250s? Its in the shop at the moment...
  15. whats this generally cost btw?