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  1. gbalias

    fuel tank compatability

    will a 250F fit? how about the 2 strike tanks?
  2. There are a lot of stress cracks/spider web cracks in my clarke tank and it started leaking everywhere. What years/bikes interchange with a 2004 YZ450? will any YZ from 03-05 work? 2 stroke and 4 stroke? only 4 stroke? etc? of course this has to happen right as the weather is getting good to ride. So now the hunt is on to locate a replacement. Id rather go with a used OEM since this aftermarket has had issues and I dont want to spend a fortune on a bike this old. Thanks guys!
  3. gbalias

    07/08 bottom end....same?

    nevermind...i see OEM has same part numbers. so i guess that a "yes"
  4. are the bottom end cases from a 2007 yz450 and a 2008 450 the same and interchangeable?
  5. gbalias

    2008 yz450 left crank case...

    well, im still on the hunt for a left side case and im not opposed to trying that. when i ever find one, ill weld and remachine the broken one just for giggles. i dont think ill be successful because i think there is an oil port right where the broken hole is. Not confirmed, but based on the shape of the casting on the outside, thats what im guessing. If thats the case...im afraid that when i go to weld it, itll close up the hole and still scrap the case. but itll be a fun weekend project.
  6. gbalias

    2008 yz450 left crank case...

    i did have a fear of the line boring issue, but i wonder how critical it is since the bores would already been machined. are all the bearings rollers or oil pressure on bronze bushings? if theyre rollers (and i would think they all are), id be less worried about it. i recently redid the bottom end on my buell, and had to machine the bore of the crank but that was because i replaced the outer races and bearings too. the bushing is pressed in, it 'shrinks' a little, then needs to be machined. if i get a used case for one side, i can assume the surfaces would be fine to accept new bearings. or am i not understanding the assembly properly?
  7. gbalias

    2008 yz450 left crank case...

    i dont see why that would make a difference
  8. The bearing on the countershaft went out and put a hole in the left side crankcase on my yz450. Of course just as the riding season is starting up. Anyways...is there a good source for just that side? I see a lot of the right sides on ebay, etc. but the left sides are nowhere to be found! Any ideas?
  9. gbalias

    kick start lever rebuild

    sounds like a plan. i just didnt know how delicate it was.
  10. i couldnt find anything on rebuilding the kick start lever on my 08 450. the dang thing is loose as heck and rattles. i took it off the bike a while ago but for the life of me i couldnt get the phillips screw loose. anything i need to know before i really get some force on it? is it even serviceable? has anyone done it before? thanks
  11. gbalias

    CDI number decoding...

    ah makes sense then. thanks for clarifying that gray.
  12. i found multiple posts about cdi part numbers....but nothing that crosses the painted stamped number to year/part number. the yamaha full part number is not on either of the 2 CDIs i have for my 450. Ive only got: 2S2-00-61G and 2S2-B0-7X8 whats what with these things? anyone have any idea?
  13. gbalias

    How long are your cranks lasting?

    copy that. i guess ill continue to run it and monitor for next time i do the top end. hopefully not for a long time. do these things give any warning when the bottom end fails? or is it from normal operating to total catastrophe? ha
  14. gbalias

    How long are your cranks lasting?

    well...cant say im doing it right for sure, but if i hold the rod REAL tight to one side, it doesnt wanna move at all. obviously. but if i let up an ever so slight amount of pressure on the big end while still holding to one side i get .010...maaybe .012" at the small end of side to side. so the free play is a function of how tight im holding it at the big end. but this doesnt make sense. without holding it to the side, the free play falls within the range specified in the manual....... at .010, that is much less??? my manual says .020-.040" with a limit of .080" what the heck is going on? lol
  15. gbalias

    How long are your cranks lasting?

    I'm confused.....i did not isolate movement on the big end while taking that measurement. So while moving the small end back and forth, the rod was also moving on the big end between the crank wheels. i guess the "D" measurement should also be factored?