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  1. well to the non belivers, eat your words
  2. Looking for some quality info here. in the past my two stroke alway run better on 91 octane fuel, a better mix was a combination of 1:1 of 91 and 98 octane unleaded fuels, why is this? everyone says the higher the octane the better the fuel, but this does not seem to be the case. with my thumpers (Rmz450 & crf450) i cannot really see a variance in performance between 91 and 98, which one should i be using? cheers
  3. ive always taken them off of my bikes, they kind bind up a bit which doenst feel nice. ive done it to yamaha's, kawa's, hondas dont have them and ive just done it to my new 450 zuk
  4. will a 03 muffler fit an 02? Cheers
  5. ok so there is nothing to do with the spark timing (actually makes alot of sense) cheers heaps
  6. OK now i need help and i think this is a stupid question but anyways how do i tell the difference between TDC on the compresion stroke to TDC on the exhaust stroke? cheers
  7. mmm cannondale there is a success story....... the mass centralisation thing is more the mass being closer to the cog (center of gravity) as if the bike was pivoted about its center as viewed from the side. i am no engine builder but i do know a little about thermodynamics and i thought the idea of the twin pipes with different diameters was to change the way the exhaust gases flow. as the bike is at low idle/rev the flow is laminar and primarily goes though the rhs muffler, as the gases turn from laminar to turbulant the pressure increases and starts to additionally flow though the lhs muffler? maybe im wrong but i think this principle gives more possibility for tuning and besides if we want to keep riding into the future we need to cut down our noise.
  8. i was going to put a dial gauge on it, so now to put it back together
  9. So its Apart!!! that was painless what is the best thing to remove the remainder of the head gaket? and what do you guys recomend for a spec for the trueness (flatness) of the head? Cheers
  10. yp sure do have the manual, cheers for the tips. if anyone has anymore it would be much appreciated!!
  11. i had a similar problem with an 04, it was the hot start cable had melted and was holding the hot start open,
  12. Ive been working on two strokes for years and after a couple of years of owning CRF450's im going to have a go at doing a top end myself. ive been setting the clearances etc but ive never ripped the head off yet. Is there any tips you guys can offer me and what tools will i need? (got a good set of feeler gauges) cheers for the help.