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    New to this Forum - have a confusing question

    Thanks - where you all when I was lost in the desssert? From what I can see - I will need two new cams (both damaged by the implosion) A new cam chain (don't know if it got stretched out ) A new head assembly (minus any valves wedged into the bottom at 45 degree angles!) A new piston and rings (without the other valve wedged into it) A new cylinder (scratches on the inside of the cylinder) Both exhaust valves (complete replacement) Possibly some of the intake valves (need to examine closer) Still worth it to repair? What price should I look to pay for these parts (plus a few gaskets - should i replace them all after the engine has been opened) and labor?
  2. Just found this site via Google. and glad that I did. I purchased an 04 yz 250 used about one month ago. paid 3500 for the bike. sold by a dad whose son had done some racing, but was now off the college and could not ride anymore. after 8 hours of riding - i cleaned the airfilter. after 9 hours of riding, i noticed a leak in the radiator hose that connects the two radiators - replaced it and it was fine. after 12 hours of total combined riding time- my life changed. was riding on a straight - granted this is only 12 hrs. - into my MX riding career, and the engine quit on me. I was in third gear - the engine cut out, but i was still able to coast to a stop. tried to re start the engine - but could not kick it over. the kick start was stuck (i assumed the piston had seized) and it just did not move the kick start. OK - so i took it to my local dealership, and with one hour of analysis - pieces of metal - looking like schranpnel - was in the lower left side of the case of the motor. Uh oh. I did not know what to do at that point, so i opened up my owners service manual - that i got from the original owner - and started doing some investigation on my own. how difficult could it be? took off the cam head - removed the cams - and started to again see the schrapnel in the area where you can first see the valves - looking top down. removed the head, and looked at the bottom, and saw that one of the bottoms of the valves (exhaust side) was wedged into the head. looked down at the piston head - and saw the other exhaust valve in it. ugh the piston could move up and down with the help of the cam chain - but it was not good to look at. I got a quote from the dealership of appox. $1900 in parts - 6.5 hours of labor at $69 hour - around $450 - plus tax - the bill would be $2500 Now here is the question - Do i repair the engine? I have found better priced parts on the internet....and also have found a mechanic locally (non dealer) but former instructor at the MMI here in Orlando (motorcycle mechanics institute....the only college to train mechanics that i know of) and he is a bit cheaper per hour. Parts will cost me around $1200 on the internet He will cost me around $300 - 400 So I am looking at $5100 spent on this used 04 yz 250f Still with me...? OK - I have an offer from a local dealership to get a brand new 05 CRF 250R for $5199 out the door. WHAT would you do? Repair or Buy New and try to sell the bike (as is) to another person? Thanks