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  1. hey you are all very lucky people. here in Israel i paid for my new S 12,600$. yes no mistake.
  2. I'm riding my s model only off road mostly sand dunes and some hard surface . i know what the manual suggestion regard spark plug changing period. how often should i change it. i am changing oil every 1,000 k"m.
  3. my son has cr-80. the radiator was bent. next thing the engine was seized. we instaled new radiator new cylinder+piston and gaskets. after few rides the engine was seized again- no compresion. what went wrong? what else should i do?
  4. i am not sure. is it an original part? or part of the arrow muffler? any way i have put on only the muffler nothing else.
  5. hi burned, i have installed on my 06 drz400s arr 72005ta muffler with the original header. i ride at sea level. did not change any thing in the air box. would like to know the proper jetting. as of for now the bike back fires even when i am shifting between the gears. thx for your advise. etay