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  1. DHracer3

    Clutch is slipping......

    Would 2006 YZ250F clutch plates work for the 2007? Looking on Bikebandit.com they have plates but only up to 2006?
  2. DHracer3

    Clutch is slipping......

    I do have a pipe on it and the bike does seem to have a lot of power! should I get better clutch plates?
  3. DHracer3

    Clutch is slipping......

    I'm pretty new to riding so I'm not abusive at all on the bike... So all I need is new clutch plates and the steel plates? What would you suggest with these on Ebay??.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trkparms=tab%3DWatching&viewitem=&item=200199641201&_trksid=p3907.m32
  4. So I bought a used 2007 YZ250F and I went out on the track a week ago and seemed fine but did notice the clutch was slipping a little so I thought it may have been the Fully Syn oil.. so this week I changed the oil and filter.. noticed bits of clutch in the oil! lots!..... so changed oil with 10W-50 Yamalube and now the clutch was even worse today... do I need to buy new clutch plates?..
  5. DHracer3

    best exhaust for yz250f

    I had a Yoshi pipe on my last bike and they work really well!! bike had a ton of power!! I think because it was slightly longer it gives it really good bottom end! Now I have a new bike and I have put a White Bros E2 pipe on with the spark arrester out and also has a huge gain! plus they look good because its tucked in more than the other pipes... I would look at the Yoshi pipe though.. from what I have heard they have the biggest gain in power..
  6. DHracer3

    263 Lukes Racing Kit install

    I'm no expert... but if you did it with previous builds then I would go ahead... I wouldn't want it to score the inside of the cylinder... can't hurt to have a touch of oil.
  7. So I tried to put my front caliper back on my fork and as I did this the one pad fell out..... ok so I tried to figure out why it wouldn't go back into place and it seems there is a groove on the top... ok so as I'm trying to figure how to put this back in the other side falls out and this bottom plate falls out and now I can't for the life of me figure out how it goes back in??... like a puzzle:eek: Am I being retarded........?
  8. I just bought a well used 2007 YZ250F and am doing a full rebuild! so far I have completely stripped the frame down and cleaned every nook and cranny. It was raced about 6 times and the father had serviced it well and knew what he was doing.. He said he had just replaced the piston rings and the gaskets .... Do I need to break them in or are they good?? Clutch I think has been serviced also... I think he checked the valves already but I might do that again to make sure... ( my first time so I will do a lot of research! ) Regreased all bearings!! and changing oil tonight along with the filter.... I will replace air filter also.. Is there anything else I should check/replace??
  9. DHracer3

    Swingarm servicing questions

    I just done mine last night. make sure you use a good penetrating oil and grease.. I used some cam shaft grease ( very good!! ) all over the axle rebuilt some of the other bearings and is now super smooth!
  10. Does anybody know if the 2006 GYTR header pipe work with the 2007 YZ250F?? I dont see it wouldnt if other pipes for 2006 work with the 2007??
  11. DHracer3

    Removing Chain?

    I have a different approach when it comes to taking the master link off. it takes me 3secs to take is off and the clip doesnt fly off or anything. take a flat nose screw driver just large enough to fit it in between the clip and twist and slide it over.... clip will come off quick and easily!
  12. DHracer3

    93 RM 250 Fork how to???

    I'm fixing up a 93 RM 250 and I have the fork just put together again and was wondering how much oil do I need to put in it and from where do I put it in?
  13. DHracer3

    Funny clakking noise?

    I have an 2005 YZ250F and it seems that everytime I go around a corner at low RPMs the chain is clakking??????... I cant seem to figure out what the hell it is!!! I thought it was the chain on the chain device but its not that.. I have new sprockets and chain.. tried 2 different tensions on the chain... Nothing seems to work! Could it be internal? I'm new to MX but it seems that sometimes when I'm shifting and I guess it misses the gear it goes into neutral?... is that just a miss of the gear or how much does this happen? I know that the noise is coming from the chain area.
  14. DHracer3

    Should I buy this 2001 yz250f

    a new engine costs around $2500 for that price you could almost get a used decent bike.. I wouldnt buy broken stuff just because when you work on it and something goes wrong or you cant get a part it means the whole bike does not work and you are stuck with a pile of ....... get a decent bike thats working so you can ride more instead of fixing more....
  15. DHracer3

    Dirtest Bikes!

    i just bought this bike its a 2005 Yz250F and when I got back I spent 3 DAYS! tearing it down and rebiulding it. it looked brand new i will show pics of before and after.. After it was all clean we had a break in weather so we traveled 3hrs to this track in SC and the mud was knee deep! but had to ride!! the pic is when I had spent 1hrs pulling mud off of it..... the bike has already had another tear down to clean out the mud and $10 worth of cleaning it with the car wash......it was a good day! before after