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  1. siiiiiiiiiick
  2. What kind of helmet cam are you using? The footage is great!
  3. I'd say not really. Just becasue oil change, oil change, oil change. I cant say it enough. Oil is cheap, engines are expensive. Change your oil. That aside, you may not want the WR for mostly road riding if you have to go on highways. It just doesnt have alot of weight behind it, combine that with how tall it stands, and you have a recipe for being blown around at faster speeds. The sacrifice with a factory enduro is just that though. TOO HEAVY. Just doesnt have the zip you want on the trail, or the weight you want to be lifting when you drop it. I ride 80% on the street (with nobbies) and I would say my service costs are cheaper then those who ride purley off road.
  4. Great info.. thanks! Did that helmet come with the fighter pilot attachment thing??? or did you find that somewhere else??
  5. Couldnt agree with you more on that Tagger. As a veteran camper and bushman I have learned some great tricks on how to stay warm in the bush. I guess I just needed some confirmation on how the same "rules" apply to riding. My biggest concerns are gloves and helmets. I'm not sure whether to go with a full snowmobile helmet, or jsut wear a balaclava under my MX helmet.
  6. Thats a great idea man, thanks!
  7. Thanks man. That is some good info. My bike is a street legal 4-stroke. I will be riding to commute to work, as well as play. I think my big upgrade needs to come in the form of a warmer helmet! Thanks for the reply.
  8. Hey great idea man!!! That even looks like something I can do (and that says alot). Thanks for the pics too!
  9. hey thanks guys. great info!!
  10. Go BLUE! why do you think this guy is blue?
  11. hey thanks guys. anyone else??......pics??
  12. WR Dave! There you are to the rescue again Thanks a bunch man
  13. thanks for the great comments so far guys! keep'em rollin in though. Ya that easy button just killed my battery last fall, so I learned on that one. What about helmets? Should I just break down and buy a full face snowmobile helmet with the neck cover thing? Or do they make MX stlye helmets with a conversion kit or something?
  14. it cost me $800 for the kit and the install. That being said, I was a sucker for paying the shop to do it. You should be able to search the forms and find the cheapest way to put together a kit. It's pretty much an entirely electrical process to get teh kit on, so if you are good with diagrams, I would do it yourself. a rough estimate would be: $30 front signals $30 rear signals $20 horn $100 speedo (enduro computer) $5 licence plate bracket $5 licence plate light $150 DOT tires $20 mirrors = $360 + a lot of electrical tape, patience and time. Good luck
  15. great suggestions/ideas/comments so far guys. keep them rolling in!!!