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  1. i ride a rmz450 and i totally love the bike, but one thing i would love even more would be a 500 2stroke in the same frame, its truely sad that there is no 500cc of 2stroke power in racing anymore, if they started making them again i would definatly buy one!!! is there a more necktwisting sound than a 500 2stroke? i love that sound
  2. x6rs

    Best good looking bike i history !

    vilken klubb kör du för? själv kör jag för grums mk och kils mk i värmland
  3. x6rs

    Seriously considering a 05 450

    i got a 05 rmz450, it has about 90hrs on it, previously owner told me they never had any big problems with it just regular maintenence... things that been changed: piston, bearings in the engine, 2 valves(not bad but changed anyway), cam chain, cam chain tensioner,clutch, all chassie bearings(swingarm,wheelbearings etc..) the bike hasnt had any engine related problems except the cam chain wich was really bad when i changed it, but the bike has 90hrs on it! the guy who had it before me raced sm( swedish championships) so he always rode it hard. i think its a great bike much better than the crf for example, great suspension, frame and engine, this bike turns like no other and feels light when jumping with it,almost like a 2-stroke ( recently owned a ktm and thats a heavy bike) the parts are not that cheap(not in sweden anyway) if you want a bike thats easy to maintain and not expensive when it comes to parts buy a ktm.
  4. in the air try to steer in the direction were you want to land,then try to pull the bike away from you (not much of course) and push the rear end back in with you leg. what you do when you pull the front away from you with the bars is that you straighten it up a little. your moving the front wheel so it comes more in line with the rear wheel its easier to land with your body a little "outside" the bike than highside it:) you can also land more on the front wheel and also try to steer in the opposite direction using the shoulders and the upper body not just the arms, cause then your leg will automatically push the rear in....look at the fmx guys how they do
  5. x6rs

    Stretched timing chain

    changed my timing chain this weekend, my old one was totally F*cked up, felt like a 10hp gain with the new one!!! now my clutch is slipping instead;P
  6. x6rs

    Stretched timing chain

    im changing mine today, i hope having trouble removing the rotor, seems like you have to have a special tool to keep the rotor still or, can you make it without removing the rotor? my engine doesnt have that great low end, you have to rev it just like a 2-stroke it starts to pull in the middle..., could that be the cam chain? i got a new piston, new valves, new crankshaft, a lot in my engine is new, except the cam chain.. my cam chain were so bad that it didnt fit the camsprockets, just grippping the tops on the teeth, so it justs skips a tooth when i try ty rotate the engine after tensioning the chain...my bike has about 85 hrs on it...
  7. x6rs

    Race Gas Advice?

    in sweden we get 95, 96, and 98 octane straight from the pump on some gas stations(shell) we can buy something called v-power and thats 99 octane...i always use 98...and almost everybody i know, so 98 octane= no problem
  8. x6rs


    i have heard from alot of riders that the suspension should hit bottom atleast once per lap, i find that quite hard to believe, i dont like my suspension that soft... and that must wear the suspension hard, right?
  9. x6rs

    Inside leg and cornering

    i think it was me ho wrote that post about lifting the leg, my only problem with that is that i dont lift my leg high enough automatically, i have to think about it all the time to do it, and often i remember doing it after the turn, when its too late:P i got the same problem with gripping with my legs..i got the tip from my trainer that i should let my feet point slightly inwards, cause then i will grip the bike automatically when i bend my knees...that works great for me, but i have to think about it all the time to do it, but i guess the more i do it, the less i have to think about it:) the biggest problem that i have right now is my elbows, i have to lift them more...any tips?
  10. x6rs

    cleaning air filter

    I always use diesel to clean my filters with, heard that diesel wont eat the filter or the filter glue like gas....it works great on my filters...
  11. x6rs

    My fingers...

    i can check what grips i got on my bike, havnt got the bike here right now, but i can check it later today and post you the type...the reason why i changed my grips on the ktm was that i heard that you get less armpump with bigger grips, and yes you do, but my fingers started hurting instead..., thinner grips=more armpump, less fingerpain. now i dont feel almost any pain in my fingers... the funny thing is that it was my finger next to the "&%$#@! finger" that always hurted to, same as yours...still wonder why just that finger, i only use one finger on the brake...that means that my &%$#@! finger would hurt too? but i never did....
  12. x6rs

    My fingers...

    i had the same problem when i rode my ktm, i had bigger grips on that bike, but now i bought an rmz450, wich has very thin grips and my fingers dont hurt as much as before, almost nothing...it didnt help me to grip more with my knees, i guess i was holding the grips to hard anyway, the strange thing was that i didnt get much armpump... try getting thinner grips...
  13. always if i take a break when im at my track, my hands are shaking like hell, what can i do to stop shaking when i ride?
  14. x6rs


    What? whipper tail, whats that a whip? why tap your frontbrake?
  15. x6rs

    Where to look in turns...

    try raising your inner leg higher than necessary, this helped me lean my bike even more, i raise my leg so that my knee is in the same height as the top of my radiators, and then i lean my bike more without thinking of it, it just comes naturally. then of course i dont raise it that high all the time, but when i feel that im going slow i take a lap raising my leg more than i need just to get a feel of how much i can lean the bike without the tires loosing grip/ the bike falls. this helps me go much faster. also as soon as you sit down, hit the gas and look at the next obstacle or a point were youre gonna be in 2 sec.